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Congratulations (Summary + Story)

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By: Sandrica Akacia

Class IX, Chapter 1: Congratulation (Summary)

What Is Congratulation?

The meaning of Congratulation is the word that we say for other people, because they already achieve something that they wanted for a long time.

Example: Grace got a first place in a drawing competition. Max say congratulations for her, because she already try her best to win.

Do we Only use Congratulation When People Achieve Something?

The word Congratulation can be use in a different event, such as: New Year, Graduation, and more. So Congratulation can be use in any kind of event, not just for people achieve something.

Why Do We Need To Congratulate People?

First, when they win because try their best to win or to achieve something. We said Congratulation, so the people that we Congratulate will have more spirit to win again next time.

Second, when it's Graduation. We said Congratulation to other people, beacuse the people that we Congratulate have already study/work hard, so they can pass.


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