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Regional System and Social Institution in Online Government

11 Juli 2019   15:21 Diperbarui: 11 Juli 2019   15:41 10 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

There is a lot of bad news that is quite disturbing about various problems that occur in the state of the socio-political system, especially between countries that have begun to develop online systems.

- Basic online system determination

The online system is a product that is created based on very ideal thinking from definite decision makers. But with the use of people with local wisdom systems and even greedy human beings, making the system even harder to walk.

This will be an impossible thing to do when this system uses humans as a motorbike. This also happened on a fairly large scale, namely in the socio-political system in a country.

Hopes are dreamed of when countries around the world begin to establish a system so that the entire life of his country can run as it should, very efficient and free from undesirable things.

So that many large and small institutions have been established that oversee other large and small institutions so that these institutions can carry out their functions. But the results we can see when that happens, a lot of prices/sacrifices that occur that is money, blame each other, problems and much more.

So when we talk about the socio-political system, we will not be separated from talking about a regional system that must run in data circulation and supervision. So that the monitoring function and functions can run continuously without significant problems.

Especially in today's era, the system has been highly developed even the current system is based online that is very capable of making a standard system flow that cannot be misused by unskilled individuals.

With an online regional system, it can help regional governments to carry out the first function, namely servants to the community who are fast, precise and in accordance with applicable regulations.

Indeed, the obstacles that occur, if using an online system, namely human resources, electricity infrastructure, and internet infrastructure are quite good. So that the system can run well and cannot damage the system.

But if viewed from several facts and the existence of the infrastructure 80% should have been ready and able to run. Maybe it is rather difficult, namely human resources that are necessary for training and improving correct insight.

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