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English, Covid-19, dan Tugas di Kompasiana

5 Juni 2020   20:51 Diperbarui: 6 Juni 2020   10:14 21 5 2 Mohon Tunggu...

 since covid came all the work and lectures were all disrupted all  had to stay at home be online and sometimes the network was unstable and the quota problem that suddenly ran out all of that was very disturbing. for example lecture problems in English courses are better with a face-to-face system because with face to face we are more understand what lecturers teach more quickly than material received online because the online system makes the material given is more difficult to understand and must be read repeatedly as well as other courses. because English is not only read but must be heard.

maybe for some students are more helpful in this online lecture and some feel it makes them difficult because most of the assignments are given while the material is sometimes difficult to understand and most of the assignments given are not in the material given. so students should look again at the internet even though some students already work instead have to find answers on the internet again. 

all learning and activity must be at home sometimes learning that we must have activities to discuss with others in order to exchange ideas. for example this problem is difficult we can ask other people to help us or vice versa we can help them as well as English lessons for example we have to discuss with friends and lecturers in order to learn the material. Covid pandemic is very troublesome for everyone, so we should be at home and pray that the Covid pandemic will soon be ready and activities will return to normal, face-to-face lectures can be carried out. herefore we must maintain health so that the spread of covid can be stopped and we must guard distance and make social distancing and physical distancing