Profile about Dani Pedrosa

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Profile about Dani Pedrosa

Daniel Pedrosa Ramal or Dani Pedrosa (26) was born on September 29 1985 in Sabadell, Spain. He has postures 160cm, although relatively small to the size of Europeans, Pedrosa has amazing achievement in world motor racing. His career began 12 years old on Spanish pocket bike championship, Pedrosa get runner up in this competition. In 2001, Pedrosa started the motor racing world championship the 125cc class. After success in 125cc class Pedrosa take to the 250cc class in 2004. He was best rider in this year.

Because the achievement he was recruited by Repsol Honda team. In 2006, Pedrosa joined the MotoGP class still here. The last year in 2017, Pedrosa and the partner Marc Marquez success to take along the team was winner in the MotoGP championship. Although, Pedrosa did not the winner in this year but he could finish in the first race or won the Valencia GP (grand prix) series after he was overtake Johann Zarco in Valencia, Ricardo Tormo circuit. The little Spaniard is an epithet of Pedrosa get fourth rank in 2017 season. So this achievement made Pedrosa more undefeated in the GP of Valencia.