"Love the Earth and Prevent Global Warming"

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Nowadays, people face up many problems with the earth or their environment. All kind of the problems that people facing up is not easy to find the solution. One of that biggest problem is global warming. So, what is global warming? Global warming is the increases of the earth temperature that is caused by human and natural activities in the earth.

Global warming is not happening immediately, but there are many factors that make it occur. The first thing is greenhouse effect. Greenhouse effect is a process when the solar energy enters the earth and cannot go back to the space, it is because gasses in the atmosphere trap the solar energy. 

So, the solar energy should go back to the space, but it is reflected back to the earth. The other factor is a pollution. The pollution that is produce by the transportation and the factory is contain gasses like CO (Carbon monoxide) and CO2 (Carbon dioxide). Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide is kind of gasses that is become the main cause of this problem.

Many things we can feel as an effect of global warming. The effect is in our daily life and also in our environment. The effect of global warming is very dangerous for us. It can be damaging for the habitat and also the environment.  

There many example of the effect of global warming such as drought, the increases of sea level, deforestation and also climate change. Climate change is the one which is very influential in the condition of the earth. Climate change is the extreme changing of the weather patterns which is cannot be predict and make so many animals and plants difficult to adapt with the situation. Another example is the increases of the sea level because of the high temperature and cause the ice in the south polar was melting.

We can prevent or slow down the effect of global warming with some way.  It can give a big positive effect if we do some little solution continuously. We can start with reuse, reduce and recycle to decrease the amount some kind of plastics which Is produce CO and CO2 if we burn it. Use of private transportation should we decrease also because the transportation is one of the biggest contributor in the air pollution. Reforestation is also useful to decrease the amount of the pollution because the plant is helpful to replace CO2 with O2.

Well, global warming is real and we can feel it nowadays. Global warming is happen because of our activity and our indifference to the environment. The effect of global warming is finally felt by ourselves. Actually, not only people but also the habitat of the animals and plants. We can stop global warming if only there is an awareness of our self. It is better if we continue to care with the earth right now than we should feel the biggest effect of global warming in the future. So, keep the environment and love the earth.