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How to Become a Reliable Negotiator?

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In the world of work we are required to be able to master many things that sometimes we must learn self-taught as well. One of the skills that we must have and sharpen is negotiating techniques.

Negotiation which is a bargaining process carried out in a negotiation to convey each other's wishes/interests which is useful in reaching a form of agreement that is mutually recognized between the two parties in it (both personal and group).

Oftentimes, this form of negotiation is used as a way to resolve problems or disputes peacefully through negotiations between the parties with the problem/dispute.

Indeed, this negotiation is almost similar to the form of mediation which is also currently more familiarly used in both legal matters and other disputes.

However, mediation is usually taken because there is no agreement between the two warring parties, so an external party is needed to mediate as a mediator. The difference with negotiations, both parties agree to sit down to negotiate without a foreign party in it.

Although the negotiation process can be done by anyone, there are several important elements that negotiators should possess, such as power, timing, positioning: physical positioning & conceptual positioning.

There are several stages and techniques that need to be mastered by a worker in carrying out the negotiation process in order to produce a good and pleasant agreement for all negotiating parties.

There are several stages carried out by negotiators, namely:

  1. Exploration;
  2. Offer;
  3. Bargaining;
  4. Settlement;
  5. Agreement;
  6. endorsement

For the sake of an effective negotiation process, it is better for negotiators to uphold several things, including:

  1. Honest and fair (fairness);
  2. Efficiency;
  3. Cooperation (coorporation);
  4. Balanced (balanced);
  5. Good planning (Good planning);
  6. Benefits (Benefits)

In the event of situations and conditions that are felt to be unfavorable, negotiators must have various special techniques so that the atmosphere can return to normal, such as:

  1. Pretend / trick (pretense);
  2. Declare no authority;
  3. The way of the eagle and dove;
  4. Answer "Yes" (positive) to negative statements;
  5. Asking "why" reasons;
  6. Information tactics;
  7. Break tactics;
  8. Limiting time

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