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Oreo Advertising has A Story?

2 Desember 2020   07:51 Diperbarui: 2 Desember 2020   07:57 33 4 0 Mohon Tunggu...
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Oreo Advertising has A Story? via pinterest

Launched by Wikipedia, advertising is a message that aims to make the products offered can be sold or can be used by the public. A good advertisement must meet several criteria, such as: creative, flexibility, mix, and also have artistic value. This is a standard criterion so that viewers are interested in buying and using the advertised product.

 Oreo is a snack product that has various types of flavors. Produced by a company called Nabisco, United States, and was first created in 1912. Meanwhile in Indonesia, Oreo food products are produced by PT. Mondelz Indonesia Manufacturing. Oreo food products are very popular with the world community because they have a unique texture, taste and shape, and can be combined with the flavors of each country.

Oreo in Indonesia launched an advertisement called "Oreo Wonderfilled" or "Oreo Penuh Keajaiban" which was considered very creative, seen from the point of view of its illustration, animation and song which attracted the attention of the audience. In the song, Oreo Wonderfilled has 2 types of stories, namely the Vampire version and the Shark version.

Song lyrics for the Vampire version:

Imagine me

Give Oreos to the Vampire

The creepy one,

Will he change

Be fun

With a glass of milk in hand

Full of miracle

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