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The Foundations that Made Pancasila Enters into College

22 Juli 2021   07:18 Diperbarui: 22 Juli 2021   07:29 30 1 0 Mohon Tunggu...
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The Foundations that Made Pancasila Enters into College
The Picture of Pancasila with Indonesian Flag Background, Source:

The cornerstone historically had a sense of Pancasila which is based on the history of the nation Indonesia's own. The values of Pancasila which were successfully obtained was derived from the nation Indonesia itself, so that the nation Indonesia there will never be separated from the values of Pancasila. In the life of the nation and the state adult is mainly in the period of reform, the nation Indonesia as a nation that should have a vision should be and the view of life that is strong so do not vacillate amid public International. So, as historically that the values that are contained in each of the precepts of Pancasila, before formulated and enacted into basic Negara Indonesia is objectively historically been owned by the nation Indonesia itself so that the origin of the values of Pancasila is no other is of Indonesian nation alone, or with words another Indonesian nation as the materialist power of Pancasila. 

President Sukarno once said, "Never once -this time leave of history." The statement that can be interpreted that history has a function important in establishing a life of the nation with more wisely in the future ahead. It is consistent with the expression of a philosopher Greek named Cicero (106-43SM) who reveals, "Historia Vitae Magistra", which means, "History gives wisdom". Understanding other than the terms that are already becoming opinion of the general (common-sense) is " History is the teacher of life".

Examples of grounding historically namely, the Nation Indonesia struggled to find identity itself as a nation that is free and has a principle that is summed up because of the life and philosophy of life, in which summed up the characteristics typical, the nature of the character of the nation that is different to the nation other. By the founders of our nation formulated in a simple but profound manner that includes five principles (precepts) and is named Pancasila.

The Indonesian state designed the basis of the state based on the values that had grown, lived and developed in the life of the Indonesian people and nation in the basic design of the state named Pancasila. Names are given by one of the initiators, namely Ir. Soekarno in his speech on June 1, 1945, at the trial of the Investigative Agency for Preparatory Work for Indonesian Independence (BPUPKI) on the advice and instructions of a friend who is a linguist. By thus already apparent on us that are historically the life of the nation Indonesia is notably separated from and to the values of Pancasila and has spawned confidence so high on the nation Indonesia to the truth and accuracy of Pancasila as the view of the life of the nation and the basis of a state of the Republic of Indonesia. 

The cornerstone of the culture is Pancasila, which is based on the values of a culture owned by Indonesia's own. Pancasila became one of the reflections of the culture of the nation, so that should be passed on to generation successor or generation next. In culture, elements of Pancasila was contained in the customs and traditions, writing, language, slogan, arts, religions, beliefs and cultures in the country Indonesia in general. Bangsa Indonesia basing view of life in the community, nation and state on a principle of culture which is owned and attached to the nation's own.

The values of the state and the community that are contained in the precepts of Pancasila is not a result of conceptual someone alone but is a result work of nation Indonesia alone who was appointed from the values of culture which are owned by the nation Indonesia through a process of reflection philosophical in founder countries like Ir. Sukarno, M. Yamin, M. Hatta, Supomo, as well as the leaders founders state that the other through a process of reflection philosophical of the founders of the country. By because the generation successor, especially among intellectuals campus, already supposed to explore and study the works of great that to preserve as dynamic in the sense of developing by the demands of the era.

The cornerstone of the juridical (legal) lectures Education Pancasila at University High stipulated in Act 2 the Year 1989 on System of Education National, Article 39 states The contents of the curriculum every kind, lines and levels of education required to load the Education Pancasila, Education Religion, Education Citizenship. Similarly, also by decree minister of Indonesia, 232 / U / 2000, concerning Guidelines for Preparation of Curriculum Education High and Assessment Results Learning Students, Article 10 paragraph 1 is explained that the group Currency Class Education Citizenship, shall be given in the curriculum of each program of study, which comprised the top Pancasila Education, Religious Education, and Citizenship Education.

As the implementation of the Decree of the Director-General of Education High issued a Letter of Decree No.38 / Dikti / Kep / 2002, on beacons Implementation Eye Study Development of Personality (MPK). In article 3 it is explained that the competence of the MPK subject group aims to master the ability to think, be rational and dynamic, have a broad view as an intelligent human being. The signs eyes of college MPK Pancasila is composed on in terms of the historical, philosophical, political subdivision, the life of the nation and state as well as the ethics of politics. The development is with the hope that students can take an attitude according to their conscience, recognize life problems, especially people's lives, recognize changes and be able to interpret historical events, cultural values for the sake of national unity.

Pancasila is the basic philosophy of the state and outlook of philosophical nation Indonesia. It is already an imperative moral to be consistently realised in every aspect of society, nation, and state. In the philosophical nation, Indonesia before establishing the state is a nation that believes in God and is humane, respect is based on the fact objective that human beings are creatures of God Almighty. Every aspect of state administration must be based on the values of Pancasila, including the system of laws and regulations in Indonesia. By because it is the realization of the state included in the process of reforming the adult this is a necessity that Pancasila is the source of value in the implementation of the state, both in the development of national, economic, political, legal, social, cultural, and defence security. The values of Pancasila became the basic philosophy of the state, then in the aspects of its implementation, the state should be sourced to the values of Pancasila included also in the system of law that exists in Indonesia.

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