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The legend of Banyuwangi

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Long time ago in the eastern end of the province of East Java, there was a great empire ruled by a just and wise King. The king had a handsome son named Raden Banterang, he loved hunting. 

One day, Raden Banterang went hunting with some of his bodyguards. Upon reaching the forest, he saw a deer leaping past him in the forest. Raden Banterang pursued the deer until it was finally separated from its guards.

"Where did a deer come from?" Said Raden Banterang, as he lost his hunting foot. "I will keep trying to find it," he said. Raden Banterang breaks through bushes and forest trees. However, the deer was never found. He came to a river that was very clear of water. "Hem, this river is very fresh," Raden Banterang drank the water, feeling thirsty. After that, he left the river. But just a few steps away, she was suddenly shocked by the arrival of a pretty girl.

"Who are you? Are you the guardian of this forest?" asked King Banterang. "My name is Surati, Your Majesty. My father is the king of the Klungkung Kingdom. I am here for escaping from the clutches of the enemy. My father has fallen in battle to defend the kingdom," said the girl. Hearing what the girl said, Raden Banterang was very shocked . Seeing the suffering of King Klungkung's daughter, Raden Banterang immediately helped and invited her back to the palace. Soon they got married and built a happy family.

One day, the princess of Klungkung walked around the palace alone. "Surati! Surati! ", Called a man in a ragged-out dress. The man was Surati's biological brother called Rupaksa., "Surati, did you know that your husband killed our father? We must work together to get revenge," said Rupaksa. Surati rejected his brother's wishes

"No, I am indebted to Raden Banterang. He saved me. I don't want to help you kill him."

 She must be upset to hear her sister's answer. However, he was able to give Surati a headband. "You have to put this headband under your bed," Rupaksa ordered.

Surati's meeting with his biological brother was unknown to Raden Banterang, as Raden Banterang was hunting in the forest. While Raden Banterang was in the middle of the forest, his eyes were suddenly startled by the arrival of a ragged-out man. "Your majesty, Raden Banterang. Your safety is at stake by your own wife, "the man said. "You can see the evidence, by looking at a headband that is placed underneath her bed. The headlamp belonged to the man who asked for help to kill the Lord, "he said. After saying those words, the ragged-out man disappeared mysteriously. Raden Banterang was shocked to hear the report of the mysterious man. He immediately returned to the palace. Upon arriving at the palace, Raden Banterang headed straight to his wife. He was looking for a headband that had been told by a ragged-looking man who had found it in the woods. "Ha! That's right! Bind this head in evidence! You are planning to kill me by asking the owner of this headband! "Accused Raden Banterang to his wife. "Is that how you respond to me?" said Raden Banterang. "Don't just accuse yourself. I did not mean to kill you, "Surati replied. But Raden Banterang maintained that his wife would endanger his life.

The King of Banterang is already burning his emotions. He still doesn't trust his wife. Surati ran to the waterfall and King Banterang followed.

"Kanda, under this ravine is a river. I will dive into the waterfall. If the river is clear and smells good, then I am innocent! However, if this river water becomes murky and smells bad, then I am guilty! "

Surati then threw himself into the waterfall. Not too long ago, a miracle happened. The scent of fragrance spreads around the river. Seeing the incident, Raden Banterang shouted in a trembling voice. "My wife is innocent! This time it smells good! "How sorry Raden Banterang. He mourns the death of his wife, and regrets his foolishness, but it is too late.

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