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The Importance Sex Education

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Sex Education

Sex education is very important for us, especially at a young age, sex education is not teaching smart ways to have sex, but sex education is useful to protect us from sexual harassment, especially avoiding it. In sex education, it should not be something absolute but rather something important and needs to be educated to people, especially young people, because out there many young people do not intentionally have sex where they do it to play and try, but after they do they also regret their actions, therefore it is very important for sex education for young people. 

Clinical Psychologist Ratih Ibrahim revealed that in fact education about sex education is very important to be taught from the youngest possible age, "An understanding of sex education should be given from the youngest possible age with content adapted to the child's age," said Ratih. According to him, providing sex education is not only about the issue of physical changes, sexual organs, the emergence of libido since puberty, but also about the existence, as well as the relationship between men and women. Therefore, sex education material is taught at least from an early age, because if it depends on age, then this cannot be a standard alias not standard, because there are many cases where a student who is still in elementary school impregnates a woman, and now there are many women who are still in elementary school have experienced menstruation. 

So, it is very important sex education for all of us, not only young people but early childhood also need to be educated with tailored content as well.