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Breaking The Habit

28 Oktober 2020   21:12 Diperbarui: 6 November 2020   22:23 45 1 0 Mohon Tunggu...
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Breaking The Habit
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The government understands that to improve effectiveness and efficiency is absolutely necessary. One way is to take advantage of digital platforms. Digitalization of the way of doing work, education, making transactions are starting to turn to digital. e-Commerce, e-Learning, e-Payment, online meetings, digital paper, e-signing and various other platforms to increase effectiveness and efficiency by utilizing digital media. All these things, even though they have been programmed and budgeted for, still feel like they are in place. Almost going nowhere. 

Like Avatar Aang said: Everything changed when Covid 19 hit. Who would have thought that the habits of carrying out daily activities would change completely in just a short time. In the shortest possible time and practically almost without consuming the budget. It turns out that what is needed is a strong push or the only way out as an alternative solution. When there is no other option left. To breaking the habit

Public has urgency to switch to alternative platforms as a way out for doing activities. Large-scale social restrictions in order to implement social distancing are absolutely necessary for various activities. 

Implementation of health protocols, prevention of transmission, and prioritizing health has become jargon in the last 7 months. Many aspec of life were impacted by Covid 19 mostly in every country. Quarantine or circuit breaker made this significance transformation to digitalization.

Before the pandemic, It is difficult for the SME community to switch to digital platform into a separate program several years. During a pandemic, not only small and medium scale businesses, corporate businesses have to switch to utilizing internet technology in order to continue to increase productivity. In this case surviving is still quite good. 

Many innovations have been deployed since the occurrence of large-scale quarantines or restrictions. Kompas daily has reported that growth of the new user of ecommerce significantly increased more than 100.000 user per day since the pandemic. E-Commerce, e-Payment, online meeting, e-Paper, e-Signing and other digital platform were used thoroughly.

In the education sector, generally online learning is only conducted at certain campuses that have distance classes, or weekend or evening classes. At present, all levels of education inevitably have to implement physical distancing by not carrying out teaching and learning activities in schools, but through online learning. Utilizing various platform provided by the Google Play or Apps Store. Using the free or payment service of apps.

In conclusion, Sumpah Pemuda of year 2020 is also the year of global turning into new digital habit. Good intentions, programs, and large budgets are not enough to change habits. To break old habits into new habits. 

As if they were motivational stories in deciding to run a business. someone must be in a pinched condition, or in a more familiar term: the power of trapped. Baca: The Power of Kepepet. Supposing, a person only has 2 choices when faced with a position on the edge of a cliff and being chased by a lion. Just like in the business world. Innovate or die. In the very first, by breaking the habit.