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Mangrove, Bond of Brotherhood Two fields, Forestry and Fisheries

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Resource problems arise because of the imbalance between the resources available to the human needs that continue to increase. Imbalance can result in reduced resources to some in the end no more resources left. One of the mangrove. Problems appear when the role of mangrove and mangrove functions that are usually ignored now start to felt. Damage in some areas due to the utilization of mangrove areas haphazardly, not give attention to the role of their ecology. For example, in North Sumatra, Deli Serdang Regency and Langkat Regency, mangrove areas have predominantly local people for housing and made pond. Not only in North Sumatra, but West Kalimantan also participated in a similar problem. Fisheries and Marine West Kalimantan Technology Improvement Program run Fishery Production (Protekan) that encourage development in the shrimp pond area that is protected mangrove forest (

Indonesia has a mangrove ecosystem far-flung in the world, and the area known as the most diverse forest type in the world. Mangrove is coastal resources that are important to humans. However, the wealth of resources of mangrove is encouraging all parties to utilize regulation and without considering the other plan that could trigger the use of competition and overlap in planning the management of conflict in the estuary. Integrated management of mangrove ecosystems is one of the alternative management concepts to various problems in the area involving all the components and related parties.


"Around 300 hectares from 34,884 hectares of protected mangrove forest in the Kubu Raya District, West Kalimantan, has been converted into a pond without the release of forest area in advance of the Minister of Forestry of Indonesia. Protected mangrove forest which covers the area to convert the mangrove groups of Seruat Island-Three Island area of 250 hectares in the Dabung village, Kubu subdistrict, and mangrove areas groups Simpang Cabau of 50 hectares in the Sepade Village, Kubu Subdistrict. "(Http:// )


Quotations news above shows that there is no coordination and a clear command of both forestry and fisheries. Perform an activity, especially the conversion of land which in this case is the mangrove, requires cooperation from all parties. The mangrove ecosystem is a natural resource that provides many benefits for mankind, very meritorious because of the high productivity and maintains the natural ability. Mangrove is one of the resources of Forestry which works with the Marine and Fisheries so that the convert a mangrove to fishpond is a matter of inflicting a financial loss.

Mangrove has produced the nutrient that can fertile waters sea, assist in the rotation of mangrove carbon, nitrogen and sulfur, and the rich waters of the mangrove nutrient will nutrient both organic and inorganic. Ecologically, mangrove became one of the main sea fishery producers, that is as the supplier of fish, shrimp, fish and other animals. Mangrove can maintain the sustainability of fish and shellfish populations. Leaving out of the mangrove mean that we have broken out the place for proliferating and enlargement of the shrimp. In his book, Macnae (1968) in said that "no mangrove, no shrimp”. In biology, as a function of mangrove area upbringing (nursery ground) for the biota that lives on the fishery mangrove ecosystem; as they search for food (feeding ground) because of the mangrove is the primary producer is able to generate a large amount of detritus from the leaves, and as the hatched (spawning ground ) for the fish to be protected from a predator fish at the same time search for the optimal environment for raising children and separated (Claridge and Burnett in 1993 Economically, mangrove can give a lot of fieldwork for the community, both the provision of seeds for the fishing industry and the wood of the mangrove plants can be used as firewood, paper materials and construction materials that have economic value that is high enough.

Mangrove ecosystems have a key position in life. No one of living thing on this earth which created in futility. All of the body organs has a function that can be used and exploited by other creatures. When the function is lost due to the loss of one of the organisms in this case is the mangrove, the imbalance and inequity in the ecosystem will occur. If I disappear, no more food source for organisms than a natural fishery, there's no more shelter for the organism-organism and no more fish that usually make the annual migration in the marine areas of Indonesia. Migration due to the absence of fish, fish species diversity which is owned by the State Mega biodiversity will be reduced. 

Mangrove with the concept of biodiversity therein also has a very large role in the world's fisheries as the largest financial capital for Indonesia's fisheries. Mangrove proves to us all that the relationship between two different organisms can be easily and mutually beneficial so that the bond of brotherhood will be stranded by itself. Why do not we apply to real-life people? That’s Will be more beautiful if each individual is part of the other and need each other to one another.

For each issue of problem-solving there, residents in the Kelabat Bay area requested that demolition activities mangrove forest be the location of mining tin immediately stopped. "We need to mangrove forests are a source of breeding fish and additional income for the fishermen, did not even have to be conservation it," said Budiman, of Bay Kelabat Jebus Bangka Barat (

To establish a good relationship between the two fields, Forestry and Fisheries, as an alternative to the use of mangrove fisheries management should still uphold the principle of conservation-theorem. One of the principles of conservation that should be achieved is sustainable utilization. Sustainable utilization of these systems can be done with “silvofishery”. The system is a system “Silvofishery” ditch embankment, that is, standing over a mangrove forest, while the substrate is dominated underneath the mud and water, pro-low pH is the management of fisheries. This system is the best alternative for all parties to feel aggrieved and not the balance of life that can be done based on brotherhood and tied with the good.