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Artist, Full of Scandal?

28 Oktober 2021   13:03 Diperbarui: 28 Oktober 2021   13:04 51 2 0
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Humaniora. Sumber ilustrasi: PEXELS/San Fermin Pamplona

An artist is a public figure who has talents and even multi-talents in the field of art to entertain and even become a dream example for many people. Nowdays, the popularity of senior artists is increasingly being shifted because many new artists have emerged in the entertainment world. There are even individuals who are willing to be exposed to scandals so that their names remain famous. From this argument, my view is that individual artists can do anything to stay famous, of course with all the risks that will be borne in the end. 

Being an artist is not easy, they have to improve their talents to stay in demand in the market. Until not infrequently they get a scandal. according to Wikipedia, a scandal is a published incident involving an alleged violation, disgrace, or immorality. Now, scandals have negative risks to bear. 

From the artists who had scandals, for example, a senior Indonesian artist, Elly Sugigi, hooked a young and handsome man who was the same age as his daughter. The news had become the hottest conversation of its time, Elly Sugigi's name was at the top of the hot issue search. Curious netizens couldn't even believe it would type in the name to find out the truth. Elly Sugigi's name suddenly became famous after a long absence on national television. But instead of the scandal, she will actually get the spotlight of netizens. Because of the scandal, she will be hated, reviled and even insulted by many people who do not like her. This is embarrassing and can lower their self-esteem and dignity, thereby creating stress. All risks will be borne even though in the future it may not be too bad but will still be remembered in the hearts of netizens. 

In conclusion, I don't think all artists are famous for their talents. but for the unscrupulous, scandal becomes a shortcut to fame, even if it is of bad value.

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