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Vaccine Covid-19 Should Not Be a Mandatory

8 Maret 2021   02:00 Diperbarui: 8 Maret 2021   06:21 24 3 0 Mohon Tunggu...

To reduce the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak that has hit the whole world, the Covid-19 vaccine that is distributed and prepared for the public is enforced. The administration of this vaccine is considered to be one of the most effective efforts to complement other preventive measures such as washing hands, wearing masks, and keeping your distance from crowds. 

The increasing number the spread of Covid-19 has made the Indonesian government emphasize that the policy of giving vaccines is an obligation for every community and if they refuse to carry out vaccination there will be administrative and criminal sanctions. This policy is based on Presidential Regulation Number 14 of 2021 concerning amendments to Presidential Regulation Number 99 of 2020 concerning Vaccines Procurement and Implementation of Vaccinations in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

However, this mandatory vaccine policy actually created a contra which ended up reducing public interest in implementing vaccination. There are several reasons why the government should not emphasize the covid-19 vaccine as mandatory.

The first is to call for the covid-19 vaccine to be mandatory people will feel that the government is too dependent on it. It can think that people have lost their human right to make choices in life which in this case is the choice of whether to vaccinate or not. Even though the principle is one of the most effective efforts, the government should take actions that are in line with guaranteeing the protection of the human rights of every citizen. Requiring something is the same as taking an act of coercion. And in the end, it raises new problems that result in reduced public interest in being vaccinated

Prioritizing and increasing socialization to the public regarding the Covid-19 vaccine is the main key to the smooth handling of Covid-19. This is the reason why the government does not provide the covid-19 vaccine is mandatory. Not all people clearly understand what vaccines are, what the side effects of vaccines, etc. Calling this implementation mandatory, the community will feel already. It is different if the community from the start has succeeded in inviting the community to do voluntarily by promoting socialization so that the community will be happy to be in the vaccine and there will be no 'mandatory' term which is an action to overcome this Covid-19.

The last reason is that the implementation of vaccines that give mandatory terms to the whole community tends to make people afraid. Before doing the vaccine, there will be many questions and doubts from the public, they tend to ask why it must be mandatory, whether it will be safe after being vaccinated, what the side effects are, etc. so that psychologically they will be afraid and think too much. And also people who we know that people who refuse to be vaccinated will be given criminal administrative sanctions. From this, it is clear that the implementation of the covid-19 vaccine is actually a new burden and problem in society. It would be great if the government did not provide that the covid-19 vaccine was mandatory.

By providing and providing vaccine solutions to tackle the spread of Covid-19, it is indeed the right decision at this time. However, it gives confidence that vaccines are mandatory and if you refuse to give sanctions this will actually lead to pros and cons in society. Implementation of the covid-19 vaccine should not be mandatory. There are several reasons why it should not be obligatory for people who have lost their human rights to make decisions because it is the same as being sent, so the socialization of vaccines if the community is socialized enough, the community will be more open, and the last word 'obligatory' tends to because of fear.