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How To Be Success for Your National Exam

25 September 2022   12:40 Diperbarui: 25 September 2022   12:50 93 1 0
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Ilmu Sosbud dan Agama. Sumber ilustrasi: PEXELS

NATIONAL EXAMINATION is the end of a series of college admissions, as well as the end of a series of activities for 12th grade high school and equivalent. Some can pass it sweetly, but there are also those who have to accept the bitter failure.

 Failure here can be of any kind: it can mean that you can't go to college due to being unable to compete, you can get a place of study but not where you want it to be, it might be a wrong choice of majors, or a value that isn't as expected. so to minimize these failures we must be able to prepare for the national exam as well as possible!

So now I want to give you a few tips so you can get through the National Exam with the best results !!

1. Create a daily list.

Write briefly 5 tasks that must be done, whether school or personal, starting from the most important. You can also make small dreams that can be done today.

2. Use your daytime as possible.

In school you can first read the subject matter before the teacher enters the class. Likewise, after the lesson is finished, make a small summary of the new material. To be easy to remember write the material on small cards, or other places that are easy to read again. Set as much study time as possible during the day. Try to find a quiet place that is quiet or not noisy so you can concentrate.

3. Start saying 'no' to things that can damage the schedule.

 You should reduce some activities that can take your time and energy like playing with friends late at night.

4. take a break at 9:00 p.m.

the best time to sleep is 9pm. because the body needs a lot of energy for the morning, so if your sleep time is reduced it will disrupt your body's performance to learn.

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