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Anti-Vaccine and Pro-Vaccine Arguments in The Public's View

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We know that Indonesia has been experiencing Covid'19 for 2 years, and this virus is still there  today. Covid'19 is a deadly virus and can easily spread. The emergence of the Coronavirus has occurred several years ago, where this virus originated in Wuhan, China. The continuous spread of the Corona virus will cause major problems or impacts for society and the economy around  the world. 

In this case, the government must be ready to ensure access and distribution of the  Covid'19  vaccine on a large scale and ensure that safe and effective vaccines are available. However, for some people in the world, vaccines are important findings in the history of health that have prevented various diseases, but for others, vaccines are a source of danger.

Much research effort is focused on developing effective vaccines to combat the 2019 Coronavirus disease. Vaccine development itself, however, will not be sufficient given the number of people who need to be vaccinated for immunity. 

According to G.D Salali and Uysal 2020 said that vaccine skepticism is on the rise, varies in different countries and is associated with a conspiratorial world view. Doubts about vacciness and misinformation create huge obstacles. 

In my opinion, this vaccination process will be accepted by the community when the  government and the public health team must be ready to overcome doubts and build vaccine literacy, so that people will receive it at the right time.The spread of misinformation through multiple channels could have a major impact on the acceptance of the Covid'19 vaccine.

The acceptance of the Covid'19 vaccination is a matter of debate in the general public. Various communities have taken action against vaccines because they are considered unsafe. 

Parents  do not hesitate to even forbid their children to vaccinate to avoid this. Possibility this happened because many of them after receiving the vaccine experienced adverse effects such as paralysis. 

The possibility of this impact occurs because of the unpreparedness of each person's  body in receiving the vaccine, it can also be caused by an unwell body and an empty stomach or not eating before the vaccine. 

But according to Heidi J. Larson of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, vaccines for children are a must, not an option. According to him, every parent is in charge of taking care of all the children in their environment.

Therefore, I think dealing with the Covid'19 vaccine doubt requires there is a collaborative effort of the government, the health team, and media sources including social media to build trust Covid'19 vaccination among the general public, through the spread of the right message time and very clear in safety and efficacy currently available Covid'19 vaccine. 

I think level people's anxiety and doubts that cause people to have bad perceptions related to Covid'19 vaccination activities stems from the absence of effective communication as well as appropriate education from health services for the community so as to cause the news circulating in the community actually contains elements of hoaxes and scares the public to get vaccinated.

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