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Increasing ‘Thread Lifting’ Interest Amongst Middleaged Married Woman

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 As women age, facial wrinkles and sagging jaw line are common problems faced by middleaged married women. These natural phenomenon are caused by the reduced amount of elastin in the skin. If elastin is reduced then skin will lose elasticity. Therefore, many middleaged women have deeply interest and concern in ways to overcome these problems.


Nowadays, facial lifting procedure has become more and more popular. It only use thread and it only takes short time to get back your youth. But as patients become cleverer, there are so many concerns in doing this procedure e.g is it safe for the thread to remain in the skin? Melting thread? Non-melting thread? Which one is better?


Melting thread is used if the patient doesn’t want the thread to remain in his or her skin. As the thread melts, it regenerates the cells in the sagging tissue to increase elasticity and make the blood clear. While non-melting thread works differently. The spirals on the thread pull the loose tissue and support the skin strongly while inducing cell regeneration and skin elasticity.  


Wonjin, one of the biggest plastic surgery clinic in Korea, is reported to use non-melting thread which is inserted deep within the dermis rather than the outer skin with an injection. It means there is no incision, so there is almost no scar. As the thread is being inserted, the skin is softly rubbed so that the spirals can hook well to the skin tissue, and after finding a correct fixation spot, the soft tissue is pulled in the opposite direction of gravity.


The result, not only wrinkles are improving, collagen and elastin, which are responsible for skin aging, are regenerated so that the skin becomes more elastic, has better skin texture and plus there is a whitening effect too. This procedure can be done on the forehead, cheekbones, cheeks, smile lines, chin, neck, etc.


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