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The Existence of Digital Books Has Paved The Way for Every Student

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First of all, imagine when you are a student during a pandemic and can't borrow books at the campus library! I bet you cannot imagine that because we all know we have access to book in our hands and that's call digital book or your more familiar as e-book. Digital book is a form of implementation of technological advances in the field of literacy.Ā 

As you can see this innovation aims to make it easier for many people to access book while increasing people's attraction to literacy that can be used anytime anywhere, especially during the current pandemic which requires most people to stay, work, and study from home.Ā 

That's why Digital books are one of the best innovations in the world of education, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the presence of this digital book or e-book, it makes you as a student faster and more effective in getting information, it can even increase your self-confidence through things that you find and learn on your own quickly and accurately. The situation from the pandemic also requires most students like you to have basic knowledge in accessing digital books so that they can still reach knowledge without any obstacles, even pandemics.

Why the e-book is an important innovation nowadays? Because this innovation has helped most students, especially in developing science when you have to be hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic, but this is no longer an obstacle because with the presence of digital books that have many functions and benefits, it makes you as a student can easier, faster, and effective to use in gaining knowledge.

Ā Besides that, digital books are easily accessible, anytime, and anywhere, especially during the current pandemic and also not heavy and not takes up space if you carry it anywhere, just need to put it on your cellphone, kindle, or laptop.

Based on the experience that I often experience as one of the students in this world, I feel that the need for digital books today needs to be fulfilled properly, why? Because digital books or e-books have helped me to fulfill my basic needs in developing self-achievement, so I have to fulfill the need for digital books first.Ā 

One concrete example is having a lot of assignments makes me not have much time to go to the library or buy books and look for books related to the material I need. Also, when writing an essay I need to quote some information from a book, so that with the presence of an e-book I don't need to buy a book with many chapters in it but I can directly search through digital books and directly access the chapters or quotes I need quickly and effective.

From what I typed above, I conclude that innovation from digital books has a very important role for every student, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and also digital books have become a necessity for most students.Ā 

The hope of this digital book is that in the future it can be accessed by anyone without certain limitations, e-books are also expected to be one of the main bridges for every young person who goes to school or not to be able to achieve their goals in the future.

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