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- according to CNBC, the US financial website, Amazon's revenue of online services in 2017 exceeded 17 billion US dollars; by 2020, AWS may surpass sap to become the fourth largest commercial software provider.




Amazon AWS

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as cloud computing continues to reduce the cost of storage and computing, a new generation of applications have emerged, and a series of new requirements for databases have been put forward. These applications require databases to store new types of data from TB to Pb levels, provide access to data (millisecond latency), process millions of requests per second, and scale to support millions of users anywhere in the world. To support these requirements, users need both relational and non relational databases, which are designed to meet the specific needs of the application. AWS provides the most extensive   aws certified solutions architect professional salary  database options to meet the requirements of different application scenarios.

AWS's fully managed database services include relational databases (Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora) and non relational databases (Amazon dynamodb), Amazon documentdb - compatible with mongodb, Amazon redshift, Amazon elasticache, Amazon Neptune, Amazon timestream and Amazon quantum ledger database. If you want to migrate an existing database to AWS, you can use AWS database migration It is easy and cost-effective to achieve the goal.

thousands of users have adopted the AWS database service built for cloud, because it has better performance and scalability, easier management, more cost-effective and more reliable.

for more user cases, please visit the AWS case study.

User: Beijing shouchuang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
shouchuang Thermal Power Co., Ltd. is a new modern platform type green energy company jointly founded by a large state-owned enterprise shouchuang Co., Ltd., Hony capital and management team. Relying on the industry's advanced independent innovation technology and intelligent system, it is engaged in cross regional heating resources merger and integration and municipal management Integrated management of heating infrastructure construction and intelligent operation and maintenance.

pioneer thermal is very satisfied with the sap environment of AWS. Mr. Shu Chang, the operation and maintenance manager of pioneer thermal power, said that "running SAP on AWS cloud is simple, flexible, scalable and highly available, which can be described as impeccable."

First, compared with the traditional physical environment, the initial cost is saved by nearly 90%, which solves the problem of super large cost. Shuchang has calculated a sum of money. If you build a local data center, it will cost 16 million yuan to build a data center in five years. If you use AWS, the cost in the first year will be 800-1 million yuan, and the cost in the next year will not change much, and you don't need to worry about five years business development, the service configuration can be changed flexibly according to the needs, which greatly improves the efficiency and reduces the investment cost. More importantly, there is no burden of fixed assets.

secondly, it accelerates the online speed of the project and improves the work efficiency. Before using AWS cloud, it takes at least one month to deploy a set of SAP system on the physical machine, but now it takes less than two days to deploy a set of SAP application. Moreover, with the help of various hosting services (Oracle, SQL Server) provided by AWS, the online speed of the project has also been accelerated. At present, the process system, charging system, sap, UFIDA NC financial system, etc. have been successfully deployed on AWS.

finally, the workload of operation and maintenance personnel is greatly reduced. With the help of cloudwatch service, we can monitor the services running on AWS, collect and track various indicators, and achieve transparent access to the server. Compared with the traditional physical environment operation and maintenance, using AWS greatly simplifies the operation and maintenance work. At present, all of the company's business systems are maintained by only one operation and maintenance personnel, and the operation is very stable.

the system image function provided by AWS is a favorite of Mr. Shuchang. It can quickly complete application level backup and recovery and shorten the impact time on customers. In the past, when using the physical server, there was a system failure, and it took half a month to recover and supplement the data. Now using the system image of AWS, the system can be restored in a few minutes, greatly reducing the workload.

Mr Shuchang said: "with AWS, we no longer have to worry about it infrastructure failure, and we can spare more time to consider application level issues. It's right to choose AWS to build SAP system on the cloud."

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