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The Legend of Keong Mas

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Long-time ago, there was a kingdom called Dahak Kingdom. The kingdom was led by a wise king named King Kertamarta. King Kertamarta has two beautiful princesses. His first princess was named Dewi Galuh, and the other princess named Candra Kirana.

Candra Kirana already has a fianc who is the Crown Prince of Kahuripan Kingdom named Prince Inu. One day, Prince Inu visited Dahak Kingdom to meet her fiance. At that time Candra Kirana was with Dewi Galuh. "Good morning Candra Kirana, good morning Dewi Galuh" said Prince Inu. Dewi Galuh suddenly left them. 

Since then Dewi Galuh has felt jealous of the life of Candra Kirana who has always benefited. Then reluctantly she asked the help of the witch to get rid of Candra Kirana. On the next day, Candra Kirana was in the garden, suddenly Dewi Galuh and the witch came. "I curse you become a snail, hahaha" said the witch with a laugh. Dewi Galuh holding the snail and saying "This curse will disappear if you meet your fianc. Before that happens, Iget rid you first and I'll tell dad that you've disappeared". Then she threw Candra Kirana into the river. Candra Kirana which had turned into golden snail was carried by the river flow away from the kingdom. Candra Kirana felt sad, she cried. "Where does this river take me?" said Candra Kirana sadly. After drifting far, Candra Kirana was found by Granny who was looking for fish in the river. Then The Granny brought Candra Kirana to her house and picks it up in a vas. In the morning, The Granny goes to work in the fields. Without the Granny knowing, Chandra Kirana has turned into a human until the noon. Candra Kirana cooked and prepared food for the Granny. In the afternoon the Granny came home and was surprised because at the table had served some delicious food. The next morning, the Granny returned to the lake for looking a fish. When she returned home, she was surprised again because various dishes were served at the dinner table. The Granny was curious and she decided to go home earlier in the next day. She was surprised bya beautiful girl who cooking in the kitchen. "Who are you, beautiful girl?" said the Granny. Then, Candra Kirana told everything to the Granny. "I don't know when this curse will end, Granny" said Candra Kirana. The Granny answered "Be patient, keep on praying. May yourprayers be answered".

Meanwhile in Dahak Kingdom, Prince Inu wanted to look for his fianc. He pretend to become poor people. On his way to find Candra Kirana, he met a crow who showed him the wrong way. Prince Inu didn't notice. Until finally, he stopped because he met an old man who needed food. The old man also told Prince Inu that the crow was a witch. After eating with the old man. Prince Inu continues his journey and intends to ask for a drink in on of the villagers' houses. Accidentally, he stopped at the house of the Granny who was caring for Candra Kirana. Prince inu was shocked when he saw Candra Kirana inside. Instantly, the curse on Candra Kirana disappeared. Then, they returned to the palace and brought the Granny too. While, Dewi Galuh chose to run away from the palace. Candra Kirana and Prince Inu live happily ever after.