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6 Ways to Create TikTok Contents for Making Your Brand

30 Desember 2020   11:53 Diperbarui: 30 Desember 2020   12:06 72 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

TikTok is the most popular application in Indonesia that become the number one application on the App Store right now. It's because the various content displayed on TikTok becomes a short video that provides entertainment for its users. This condition make users are competing to make interesting content to be viral. Here are some easy tips to help you make viral content for marketing your brand:

  • Follow the Trends

It seems that the creative ideas of TikTok users are never ending. Almost every week there is always a new TikTok video trend. The most famous content in the world of TikTok is dance. TikTok's virality can be seen from TikTok's dance songs which went viral on radio and music apps like Spotify and Itunes.

Create Your Own Content

Besides following trends, you can also create your own version of interesting content. There is a wide selection of content on TikTok such as comedy, cooking, art, and even lessons. For those who loves to joke around, try making a comedy conent at TikTok. If you like learning, you can create educative content on TikTok. One of the educative contents that is viral on TikTok is "How to Learn English".

Share the Video on Other Platforms

Another way to get noticed on TikTok is by uploading it to your other social media platforms. This is because when you share your video, other TikTok users on the platform who don't know you on TikTok will be able to see it and when they do, they can start following you on TikTok or share your video on their social media and gives you more views. Also, when TikTok sees that your video has a good number of views, they will assume that people like the content so they will recommend your video to more people to increasing your popularity.

Interact with Other Users

Not only regularly creating content, you must also continue to interact with other TikTok users such as watch other video, give likes (likes), and leave comments. With this way, other users will notice our existence and they will check our profile to watch the video that you have made. And maybe, other TikTok creators are interested in collaborating with us.

Use Hashtag

Just like all other social media, hashtags play an important role in making your content more known and seen by more people. Hashtags work to make our videos easier to find in relevant niches. Try to use the relevant hashtag for your content. Don't just add hashtags even though there is no correlation.

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