Global Warming or Global Warning?

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Today most of the people talk about global warming. They talk about the cause, effect, and how to solve this problem, but, do you know what is the global warming when you talk about it? Everyone knows that global warming is when the earth becomes heat. Do you know that global warming more complicated than that?

Global warming is the big problem for us, global warming is about our habit, global warming is about life, about the environment. What is the cause and how to solve this? the cause is our habit. From the habit we often do, turn off the lamp when we do not use it, we often forgot to do it. If we do, from the little things that we have helped reduce the impact of global warming. Turn off the laptop reducing the use of private vehicles, using public transportation, and the others also can help to reduce the impact. The three example above are the product of the most frequently used fossil fuels. When we used fossil fuels we produce more carbon dioxide. Use a fan and decrease to use the air conditioning, buy a product that does not contain CFC. CFC (Chloro Fluoro Carbon), if used in excess, can damage the ozone layer that protects the earth from solar radiation. in addition, if air containing CFC inhaled by humans, will interfere with health, especially in the respiratory tract such as shortness of breath and others. Plant a tree or reforestation, can help to produce more oxygen. one tree can provide oxygen to about 10 people for one year, that's why reforestation is so important for human survival.

What is the effect if we do not change our habit? Is very dangerous if we still in our habit, maybe the earth will sink because of the increase in seawater volume caused by melting ice at the poles. or we will be roasted with the heat of the air around. will be many new diseases that will also appear, which is caused by global warming. Maybe this is the earth warning for us, to better safeguard the earth