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Black Panther (2018)

30 November 2020   16:19 Diperbarui: 30 November 2020   16:28 24 2 0 Mohon Tunggu...
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Black Panther (2018)

One of the most famous movies in the 2018 is 'Black Panther'. Well, besides from the CG that Marvel's production has known for, the technology in it is just crazy. The technology in this movie comes from a kind of metal called 'vibration', where we only need a shard of the metal and it can give us a supernatural powers and also a really advanced technology as shown in the movie. And this kind of technology is really useful for the near future, including in the education area.
Advanced hologram screen are mostly used in this movies, where it can be useful for learning at school. Teachers can teach the students to a more sophisticated object than before. Thus, learning something new is easy and seems real because of the hologram and saving costs for school field trip also. 

The technology in the movie also provided an implant suite that was used by the character Black Panther, this can be an alternative way for students to dress up themselves more quickly so they won't be late to school because of using a uniform. The last one that cannot be missed, is the transportations that are so advanced. This kind of transportations can be used for driving the kids to school if the parents can't send or fetch them from school.

Imagine living in the future and going to school with this kind of technology, maybe I will love going to school because everything seems surreal. But maybe we just have to wait for those kind of things to be real maybe 5 to 10 years more, in the meantime we should enjoy school like we used to with the technology in the present.

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