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Interesting Things that You Can Do on Self Quarentine

23 Juni 2020   10:30 Diperbarui: 2 Juli 2020   17:40 23 1 0 Mohon Tunggu...

The world was stricken by corona virus.  Everything changes immediately, work from home, school from home. It happened to us, all around the world.  On my experience as Indonesian, in a day I usually wake up in the morning, take a bath, then go to campus to study.  Sometimes I was late because of the transportation usage.  I went to campus by ojek (motorcycle with driver).  The reason is sometimes the apps has errors, delayed connection. Those activities are interesting and meaningful moment for me. Because of this pandemic, I can't do it anymore. Everything changes, everyone does anything at home but it’s just to them who didn't get fired. So they can't buy food or something that can help themselves to live.
This pandemic has positive and negative impact for us. First, for this pandemic we can care more about clear and clean of everything. Second is about the real tolerance and solidarity.  Not really all aboutus and other or neighbors but us and ourselves.  We have much time to take care of our mental health and performance.  Perhaps most of the readers are hard workers who haven't enough time for self-care, then this situation is helpful. About our input or relaxing mental we can do yoga or fun activities that can build mood that can refresh our mind. From the inside it is helpful to show the good performance. When the mind is fresh and health, the body is health too. Other activity is get quality time with family. For example when you are too busy working you can't get some intimate dinner with your family.  Then now it’s the time to realize it. Or you can just sit around and listen totheir story,  like their daily activities that you don't know.
This pandemic also has bad effect to us.  The students can't meet their friends in school to learn and play together. It also makes the assignment feel much more than usual.  And the last is too much time at home makes us feel really bored.  
On my opinion this moment means some detox for the world.  Because of this pandemic as you know that the polution on the earth are decreasing. The government lead us to join many movement to fight this virus.  The movements are physical distancing and lock down.  If we are consistant in this movement the pandemic will be over soon.  So we must do the movement together.  After the collaboration is successful we will be back to our daily routine.