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"Keeping My Facebook Account"

17 April 2018   13:22 Diperbarui: 17 April 2018   13:33 407 0 0

Lately I've seen a lot of hashtags scattering around asking us to delete our Facebook accounts. Maybe, I'm just one of those that still think Facebook can bring something good to human kinds. Well, at least the founder of Facebook has done a lot of things to improve the quality of life, so it's my turn to do something to support him and his wife in the background rather than supporting the Playboy owner or playmates that become one of those that encourage people to delete their Facebook accounts.

Never seen anything good done by Playboy, so yeah, I'd rather support Facebook as Facebook team has done a lot of things for a good cause everywhere. You can't really blame Facebook for what has happened. There are good and bad seeds everywhere. Who can make sure that some people are not trying to take advantage of whatever you have right now especially when you talk about the digital world. If you want to stay hidden, make sure you stay away from any digital platform. So, deleting Facebook won't help you keeping your identity safe, other digital platforms may lurk in line. You don't want to be known, don't touch anything digital. It's as simple as that. So yeah, I still keep my Facebook account, well, at least I have some strong points to justify that.

As an introvert who always feels lazy socializing in real life, I have found Facebook "a good hang-out place." The truth is I don't really have many friends on Facebook, only around 50 from our extended family and best buddies who have stayed with me during the ups and downs. Well, Facebook helps me keep track of those near and dear without the need to meet them in person as most of them live far away.

Sometimes, I find it hard to make time to meet them directly even those that live in the same area. You need to spend a lot of time to beat the traffic to meet up which can drain your energy at the end. With Facebook around, I can inform them my current condition as well without going through the hassle calling or meeting them one by one. So, Facebook solves my problem, don't you think?

For those influencers who want to help turn the world into a better place, Facebook can be a great platform to express their attitude toward certain issues. Some with different agenda may use it in a twisted way. You can't really deny that. However, many others out there still fight for a great cause using Facebook. They can win or they can lose. You may never know the result until the end. The thing that you have to appreciate is that they dare to try; they dare to take the first step. Not many people are willing to do good things for others. We sure need to appreciate such effort, right?

When you get bored and have no great company, Facebook can be a great solution. There are a lot of games that you can play together with your friends. I still remembered when I got hooked up playing online pokers with my friends through Facebook. It was a lot of fun. I could send them "virtual coffee" or other things without the need to entertain them in real life for a cup of coffee. Then again, I'm too lazy to do that. Don't get me wrong, at least I try to "socialize" through a different means. The world is changing right? I should adjust myself to cope up with it.

Aside from all the fun things I state above, I think Facebook is meant for us to build our own network in a different but more effective way. I can't imagine how much time I should spend in order to get the same message sent to all my favorite friends. I know there are other social media networks that can do the same thing but I feel more familiar with Facebook, so I choose to stick to it.

For those that need to earn a living, Facebook can be a better way to reach potential customers. Those that need solution to a problem can find Facebook a better place to turn to. Great advice from great people out there that can reach you any minute can offer a great cure for those in need. Cooking recipes shared by your friends can make us try and enjoy the same tasty food too. Moreover, it's all free. What a great life we have if we can keep enjoying all the free stuff in this life. For sure, I won't complain.

Facebook may not be the best thing we have at the moment, but at least it continues to help change the world into a better place. For those that try to criticize Facebook, please provide a solution instead of just condemning Facebook for what has happened recently. I still trust Facebook as a great place to "hang out," I really wish Facebook could continue doing great things for the sake of a better future, improve the quality of life, promote higher education, and provide access to the right information especially for those living in rural areas. As I can't help Facebook change the world, I will stay with Facebook to show my sincere support. There you go, I'm keeping my Facebook account. #Facebookisawesome.