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When Being Tanned is Not Handsome

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My dad went to mosque last Friday for praying. It was really sunny and I looked at him in pity. I really wanna tell him to drive to mosque instead so he didn’t need to walk under the sun. But it was too close between my place and the mosque just for gasoline wasting. In my dad’s position, usually I’d bring an umbrella, but this was the essential difference between women and men: Women bring umbrella, while men don’t. [caption id="attachment_121525" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard with SPF 20"][/caption] Actually my grandparents aren’t too dark, but sometimes my dad’s fishing hobby got him too much sun-bathing. It made him got tanned coz he was burnt by the sun. If I complained to my male fellas, they must have been laughing out loud. “Let us tanned, we don’t need to be fair to look handsome!” I don’t see the correlation between being tanned and being handsome. Some people just looked handsome when they were tanned, and being fair just made them looked like queer. But I dislike if the sunlight made skin looked dull like a person hasn’t been taking shower for weeks. [caption id="attachment_121526" align="alignright" width="143" caption="Zirh Defend with SPF 15"][/caption] Ultraviolet ray also contributes for skin cancer. And skin cancer is the fourth cancer which killed often after cervical, breast, and lung cancers. That’s why actually we need sunblock. Not coz we don’t like looking dark. But it’s for protecting our skin from the exaggerated UV ray. We’re lucky the market sells lotta cosmetic products containing UV screen. But it’s not really good coz the product is always for female. Why is there no anti UV product for male? Man can’t use anti UV cream for women coz those kinda products always contain feminine floral fragrance. I wish sometimes cosmetic factories make anti UV cream for men with masculine fragrance, such as fragrance of woods, chocolate, or even durian. Do you know how to prevent men from being tanned if they sunbathe too much? Coz those men look too lazy to bring umbrella. More comments have been available right here