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when the emotion fill my soul

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when the emotion fill my  soul
mine is broken

when the emotion fill my heart and soul. i don't know what to do.

i loved him. admired him.i did care about him so much. but the last time we talked. he said I'm a bitch.

i never make a good wife. i never make a good mom. well, maybe he's right. perfection is hard for me. for this stupid silly tiny girl.

then i think about my daughter. what will she become in the future? I don't know. he doesn't know. no one knows. the thing that only matter is, she REALLY needs a Father.

we used to have good times together. then he found another partner to spend his time. a perfect partner i guess. they fall for each other. guess they are amazing couple. ever.

people fall in love many times. i never thought that i will fall in love. again. but then i do.

the question is. will i be happy then? will she be happy then? will he leave us?

love is blind. because you close your eyes. i can't open my eyes. when i open my eyes. it doesn't feel good at all.

i love you. i love you with every inch of my body. with every beat of my heart. with every piece of my soul.

i'm so sorry for him who hurt me. i ever promised him that i will not fall for another man. but now i do. because he started it first. he fell in me first. i hold him. then he walk away.

thank you for the man i love. i wonder wether the universe let us meet again and fall for each other. for God's sake, I hope it's not your fault when you decide to love me. a single silly mother.

well, i have to admit. you can say I'm a bitch. Thank God I'm not a whore.

he broke my heart. damn. he fix it. thank you.

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