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Let's Learn a Foreign Language

5 Oktober 2020   20:20 Diperbarui: 5 Oktober 2020   20:28 47 1 0 Mohon Tunggu...

What do you think if you hear about foreign language? Foreign language isn't always about English language, but also other language outside the mother tounge. Nowadays many people are learning foreign language including English, Korean, Chinise, and many more. Do you know? Why do people learn foreign languages or what is the benefit of learning a foreign language?

In my opinion there are many benefits if you want to learning foreign language. First, increase your knowledge about culture from another countries. Then , it gives us an ability to learn and shape our mindset to appreciate cultural difference. Second, it advances your career, because you can have a great opportunity to work in a big company. Third, if you want to go on vacation, you don't have to hire translator anymore, and you can do it by yourself.

If there are people said, "what's your benefit from learn foreign language, don't you love your own language?" I think that's the wrong way of thinking, and that kind of thinking makes people incapable of growth, only stuck in one thing. I think learning foreign language does not mean we don't love our culture, or we don't love our own language. Precisely because if we are learning a foreign language, we can introduce our culture in general public. So let's we start to learning foreign language.