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Balance On Living

25 April 2020   09:34 Diperbarui: 25 April 2020   09:35 10 1 1 Mohon Tunggu...

Since long ago, mankind has always been looking for every way to be in balance on living. Thus had kept my mind wandering over and over again for months -not to mention lack of sleep. 

But a week ago, my eldest mentor sent me a breathtaking picture which told the realest attitude of mind we shall bear in living. And it truly cleared myself from confusion. Because the message is very obvious: "Don't heave ourselves with insignificant desires, let alone condone the evil be good and the wrong be right." That is the practice to fully acquire the balance on living.

Welcoming Even-Minded Understanding

To lead ourselves into balance on living, the first (and foremost) test is to openly welcome even-minded understanding. Even-minded understanding does truly prevail when you have already perceived enough experience, culture, knowledge and also behavior from various yet diverse people. 

It would actually happen only if we were content with ourselves and notably our circumstances as well. So we need highly take any lesson from everybody, and any moment we have been witnessing too. If not, how else?

Well... Here are several ways to enable ourselves to be content. Firstly, do not presume our surroundings as if they were against us. As it is said that people are not against us; they are for themselves. 

Honestly, I have rarely been content with my family -especially own parents- ever since I made my decision to keep helping others through charity, also volunteerism world. But during this social distancing period, I do lately find myself in surprise that I am able to endure, not to weep over any discouragement from my parents like what I used to be. 

And lo! A sweet yet meaningful moment with my mother occurred a fortnight ago. After having breakfast together, she said sorry for spilling her disappointment, sadness and frustration too often towards me. It totally opened my heart not to object things from the truth and mistake lie there.

Another thing is to cease questioning ourselves about life's mystery for the sake of clarity. Because not every day can be bright. And we would only have ourselves wandered to nowhere, in which we may never find the answer properly. Be gentle to accept it.

 For instance, I did often ask how on earth could mostly people tend to greedily, eagerly and conceitedly obstruct others and even bind them for the worse with such prejudice -and namely stigma. And I still hate admitting those all until today. 

Unawares, my criticism of worldly measure had inanely grown and even nearly turned out into extremism. Thankfully, few closest ones have been patiently and strictly reminding me that no object can take our control from us.

Also, near ourselves to GOD universally. We are to persevere with challenge to conquer fear and have faith in balance like yin and yang, until our heart is content. 

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