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The Development of Multiple Intelligences in Indonesian Schools

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Where schools were expected as a media to facilitate the development of multiple intelligences, most of schools in Indonesia still not concern in developing multiple intelligences of their students. They still focus only in one intelligence, for example in mathematical, but does not give the same attention to the other intelligences. Meanwhile, most researchers find that it is important to develop our intelligence, and it can be more than one. That is why; schools in Indonesia must improve their ways to facilitate the development of multiple intelligences of their students. There are several ways that can be used by schools.

The first way is by changing the teacher’s way of teaching. Howard Gardner (2003, as cited in Santrock, 2009) divided intelligences someone into eight types; verbal, mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, intrapersonal, interpersonal and naturalist. Every student has their own intelligences, and as a good teacher, they must be able to facilitate the development of all intelligences. Because of that, the old style of teaching must be changed. Problem Based Learning (PBL) is a recommended teaching method for teachers. In PBL, teachers take a part as a facilitator, the students will learn mostly by themselves and their friends. Some examples of learning activities in PBL are discussion, observation, etc. Some researchers believe that this teaching method will be more useful for teacher to facilitate the intelligences development of their students.

The second way is by changing the curriculum in Indonesia. In the curriculum at school in Indonesia, students in 10th grade will be offered by schools to choose between science class and social class. There was no more option for students to choose. It could be a limitation for students to explore their intelligences, for example, Anto had a skill in musical, but he had a bad record in academic result because he felt confuse when choosing between science class and social class. It will be much better for schools in Indonesia to adopt the curriculum in another country, like U.S. In U.S., schools let the students to choose which class they want to take. It will be more effective, because schools indirectly give the students extra chance to explore their intelligences.

The third way is by using many various kinds of assignment and assessment. Most of teachers in Indonesia still use paper and pencil test for the assignment; it is no longer effective. From paper and pencil test, the intelligences of students could not develop well. In order to facilitate the development of students’ intelligences, the teacher should be more creative and innovative in giving assignment and assessment. Some kind of assessment can help the students to explore their intelligences, such as presentation, exhibition, etc. Also in giving assessment, the teacher can start to be more innovative. There should be a specific rubric and grade, so the scoring will be more objective and the students know the criteria from their assignment. If it is a group project, teachers also can use peers assessment. From peer assessment, the students will learn how to be an objective assessor.

“Characteristics such as tolerance of ambiguity, moderate risk-taking, perseverance, openness to new ideas, and substantial self-concept often go unsupported in gifted and/or regular school programs” (Gallagher, 2003). Many schools were still like that; only focus on academic result and ignore the other aspects of their students. It must be changed; the teacher’s style of teaching, the school curriculum, etc. Schools must be more concern in facilitating the development of Multiple Intelligences. If the schools can improve it, hopefully Indonesia will have a new young generation with talented skills and wonderful intelligences.
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