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30 Days Writing Challenge Day 8: Odds & Ends

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30 Days Writing Challenge Day 8: Odds & Ends

Have you ever looked into your attics, or maybe drawers to look for junks? Things that might not even be relevant anymore to keep or to use? Some things that you can't really throw away although they are no longer useful? "Junks" is the term to refer to those things.

However, do you realize that in the world, there are some people that can actually made something out of junks? In Marvel universe, we have Tony Starks that made Iron Man suits from junks that he found in the cave when he was kidnapped. 

We're not gonna talk about junks anyway in this article, but junks are one of the elements that I will discuss today. This article is about my favorite song. Well, I have so many song that I like, but when I'm about to write this article, this is the only song that directly comes up in my mind.

"Odds & Ends" is the title of the song composed by Ryo from Supercell. The song was made by using the Audio Synthesizer name Vocaloid and uses Hatsune Miku as the voice template for the song. The song is actually a story about the composer (Ryo from Supercell)

So the music video is about a friendship between a robot and Miku in a phone. The robot looked so happy to find Miku and spends his time together with Miku anywhere. They made a bond, a cute friendship indeed and they look so happy in their companionship.

Suddenly, Miku's battery seemed to be drained out. The screen became blurry with noises, and the robot is doing its best to keep Miku stay. The robot's effort doesn't came up good, Miku was shut down but something amazing Happened.

There's a ray of light from above and the Robot came floating, and made a giant Miku from the junks. This is like the final gift from Miku before her disappearance, and it kind of gives us the sad atmosphere. 

Actually the music video has a deeper meaning if you take a look at the lyrics. I intentionally put a video without any lyrics because I want you to take a moment and enjoy the video. After that, you should learn the lyric by the video Below.

The lyrics are actually the story of the composer's (Ryo) life. Ryo ever had slumbered in his life. He had been stuck for years without making any productive moments and it gave him a great stress.

Miku here, is the manifestation of his salvation. Miku tries to encourage Ryo to do his best and remind him to always be humble. When Ryo fell into slumber and stress, Miku tried to cheer him up and gave back his spirit to be productive again, and that is why in the end of the video, Miku was given a tablature, and that is the materialization of the result of Ryo's slumber, a new song entitled Odds & Ends.

What do you think? Is it beautiful? Or is it cute? Well maybe many of us can't really understand the language from the video above, but I want you to see what's beautiful about the first video. Here's a video with the actual lyrics translated in English. FYI, if you cried while watching these videos, then we are experiencing the same atmosphere. ;)

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