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Philosophy IX

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Postmodernism is the movement of an idea which replaces an idea in modern times like today. The originator of the first postmodernism was Arnold tonybee in 1939 in his book entitled study of history. Postmodernism has its own principal, namely : the fusion of territorial boundaries and the distinction between high and low cultures, between appearance and reality, between symbol and reality, between universals and peripherals and all other binary oppositions upheld by conventional philosophy and social theory. Humanity that does not end, for example: A. Dualistic view, which has resulted in excessive objectivismation of the careless destruction of nature.

B. Modern views which are objectivity and positivity and ultimately make humans as if they were object and are engineered into mechanistic machines.

C. Modernism, which result in the emergence of religious moral disorientation which will also raise violence or mental depression.

D. Materialism movement, that is, as if in our lives we always have an endless desire to control the material. 

E. The mold of materialism, religious, and moral norms also tends to disappear in the modern era. As a result the power will press on the threat of violence that exist.