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"The Concept of Philosophy"

28 September 2019   07:39 Diperbarui: 28 September 2019   08:03 23 1 1 Mohon Tunggu...

Philosophy comes from the greek language from the words "philos" and "shopia". "Philos" means deep love and "Shopia" means wisdom and wisdom. nowadays, philosophy can be interpreted as something that establishes a life that is useful for ourselves and useful for others. like the wise words "live like oxygen, can support yourself and others. philosophy is also often interpreted as "reflective & critical thinking". 

A philosopher will pay attention to all aspects of human experience through a broad view that makes it possible to see everything, account it for intended purpose, going beyond the limits of special attention and individual interests.

Two kind of important elements that are the main points in the main discussion of philosophy; (1) historical approach where in this case we are introduced through the historical development from beginning until right now. 

(2) systematic approach which means that statements or studies indicate a relationship with each other, interrelated and coherent. How about the origin of the philosophical occurrence?

there are four factors that influence the philosophy occurrence among others; 1. Mythical opposition is an old belief that develops rapidly and its arranged so that it becomes an established belief, and Logos is a potential that exists in humans who are always ready to think logically or accepted by reason. 2. curiosity about something. 3. A sense of admiration that drives humans to provide answers in the form of presumptions. 4. The development of literature that contains expressions of entertainment and educational value.

the benefits of philosophical science are very dominant towards survival, especially religious people. in addition to critical thinking, philosophy also teaches how to solve problems by looking at all aspects of both historical and systematic. Being able to solve problems properly proves that having a big soul is not everyone's. 

Only certain people can do it. So, studying philosophy and understanding philosophy is very important to determine how we behave properly in dealing with problems and finding solutions to those problems.