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Stay Enthusiastic In Every Situation

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Honorable judges and everyone who watched this video. Assalmu'alaikum wr. wb. First of all nothing to say except thank unto Allah SWT who has given us much more blessings and mercies, till we can gather in joining this special contest without any obstacles. Secondly, my sholawat and salam always be delivered to our prophet Muhammad SAW who had brought us from the darkness to this bright modern era that we live today. And last but not least, I'd like thank to the judges for giving me this very special opportunity to complete in this contest.

Well ladies and gentlemen, my name is *** from ***, on this occasion I will tell about how to increase our self-efficacy during this pandemic. The slogan stay at home is certainly not foreign to us. By staying at home, of course, we can help stop the spread of the covid-19 virus. However, just staying at home doesn't mean we waste our lives without doing any activity. We must keep spirit doing any activities that are beneficial for ourselves.

So, how do we increase our self-efficacy during this pandemic? The word self-efficacy may sound foreign to our ears. However, simply self-efficacy is the belief in ourselves that we are capable of doing something, achieving goals, and planning actions to achieve the desire target. Having high self-efficacy is beneficial for ourselves to control the emotions we have in dealing with everything we do.

During this pandemic, many people were affected, both from the economic aspect, social aspect, and emotional aspect. For example, many people have lost their job, lost family members, and there is still a lot of sadness or confusion felt by people during this pandemic. However, not everyone has the confidence to rise. There are some people who feel that they are very down because they have lost, confused about how they get back up, how to bring up the feeling of enthusiasm that they have felt? So, here are some ways to increase our self-efficacy during this pandemic.

First, learn from experience. Experience can be learned both from oneself and from others. We have to look back on our life's journey has been until now, how the twists and turns, and how we overcome it made us evoke a sense of enthusiasm that briefly receded into rekindled. We can also learn how the great characters out there struggle in the face of adversity. It will increase our confidence in facing what we are doing during this pandemic.

Second, get support from other people. If the first method is not enough to arouse enthusiasm, ask others for help by asking advice or suggestion that can awaken ourselves to get up. Or invite friends to revive the economy by starting business, yeah I think that's a good idea. Or being a content creator, being content creator can be started from a hobby that we have. Like cooking, drawing, singing, writing, and much more. Besides being able to regenerate the economy, it can also increase our relationships with other people, because in this era everything can be done online.

Third, be sincere, accept what happened, and always think positively. That way we can carry out most of the activities at home in peace. Accept that this is the part of the journey of life, because life is not always fine, there must be times that make this self to continue to struggle. As college student, we must also make the best use of our time during this pandemic. Ways that can be done at home such as participating in useful online events, reading more journals, reading books, and much more.

Stay enthusiastic in every situation. I believe that we can definitely get through this. Stay at home, stay healthy, stay think positive, and keep praying to God that this pandemic will end soon and we can carry out activities as usual.

Finally ladies and gentlemen. That's all my speech, I hope we've all learned something new from it an enjoyed it. Thank you vey much for your attention wassalamu'alaikum wr. wb.

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