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The Social Network (2010)

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The Social Network (2010)

This movie tell about how mark Zuckerberg built social network name facebook. The story began when mark girlfriend want to break up with him. Mark so angry and with his intelligent, he creates  websites name Facemash which is website that allow site visistors to rate female students photo. From that on, Mark got attention of twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. The twins ask mark to join for create social network website. Mark start to build it by himself and he give a name facebook. This social network become so popular and developed really fast. 

Social Network Technology in Education

This film introduce the social network technology call facebook. Facebook still popular in these day. So many people get entertain with this social network. From this movie we can learn how powerful technology of social network attracted to us. Little did you know that social network technology can beneficial for education also.  For example, Facebook can use as group for studying. In this network, people can create a group for a lot of purpose especially for study and sharing knowledge. People also can collaborate, discuss, and share tips and trick in study. Even share theory-theory from various country that we doesn’t know before. So it’s really great technology to improve education in the world.

social networking site like facebook can makes it easy for us to connect and share with other people (family and friends) in online.  So this social network can beneficial for education especially for communication tools in pandemic covid-19, because it's make easier for students learning and study at home. When students doesn't understand, they can easily interact with their teacher by using social network. Also students can share, teach and help other students to study. This is will expand their knowledge not only in the school but also at home. Even, with this technology we can meet other people that we don’t know before, so we can sharing and exchange knowledge with them. This also give opportunities to expand our knowledge more from various people.

Mark (founder of Facebook) explain that facebook can update and upload status, photo and video for other user can see it. Which mean social network can spread information quickly which is really useful for education. For example, people can share their knowledge, thought or information by writing in status feature that a lot of user can read it . People can also teach each other by making and uploading a video in social network that can educate viewers.

Social network such as facebook can give motivation for other people to study. For example, students sharing about their hard time in school, people who read it can give motivation, and support to that students. This really can improve students to not giving up and get motivated to study hard in education. 

From this movie people also learn about how this social network created. This video not only educate but also inspired people. Imagine if people get inspired and try to create social network for education (for example moodle) . It can help to increase human resources.

So, social network technology have a lot of benefit for education. The impact it’s not only for students but every people in the world can feel it. Because education is really important, with help of technology, it can evolve education in the world.