Global Warming, From us, To Us

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Nowadays, you may have wondered why the temperature of the earth became higher. Sometimes, the weather suddenly changes from sunny to rainy or the opposite. That condition might be a signal of global warming. Do you know what is global warming? And why many people said global warming is the most threaten issues right know? Have you wondered how to stop the global warming? If you want to know that, make sure you read this article enthusiastically.

Global warming in shorter explanation is a condition when the temperature of the earth became higher. In global warming, the reasons why temperature increased is because of the greenhouse effect and human life. Earth atmosphere contains many kinds of gasses. Group of gas that keep earth still warm called as "greenhouse". Scientist calls it as "greenhouse" because their work system is similar to the "greenhouse" in the earth that keep enough warm for a plant to life.  At first, the earth needs that kind of gasses to keep earth temperature. Without that gases, the earth will become too cold to live. But because of pollution and many kinds of emission from human life, greenhouse became malfunction. Consequently, the temperature of earth constantly became higher and higher.

Global warming is the most threaten issues. Many people said that. This because the impact of global warming is already reached threaten human life.  The first Impact of global warming is Ice melts. For example, In Jayawijaya, Papua. At first, the peak of Jayawijaya mountain was covered by snow. Now, that snow already melts because of the temperature increases. Ice melts phenomenon can threaten human life because, if many blocks of ice melt, the amount of water will increase. There will be an opportunity for country disappear because of their sink. Second, forest fires. Sometimes because of the high temperature, the forest can easily burn. Forest fires will cause many serious problems, such as air pollution and new disease. Beside of that two impact droughts, and many serious problems also caused by global warming.

Earth is our home. As a human, we must take care of our home. There will be a few things we can do to stop global warming. First, save energy. This is one of the main ways to stop the global warming. We can do some of the simple things to save energy, such as turn off the lamp if we do not use it again. Second, reforestation. Reforestation means a re-plant area that already desolate. Third, reduce, reuse, recycle (3R) this action also can be effective to decrease trash and global warming in the earth. Giving information about global warming and their impact also can be one way to stop global warming.We must open our eyes to this serious problem, If not us, who else will take care our earth, our home.