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Review Film "How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World"

22 Maret 2020   23:27 Diperbarui: 23 Maret 2020   06:26 7 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Movie Review of How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

By Aditya Galif Yukenanda

Synopsis of How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World which is released in 2019 is the sequel of the previous sequel, How to Train Your Dragon 2 which released in 2014, as well as the final series in the How to Train Your Dragon film trilogy.
The film's plot follows Hiccup, the main protagonist with Toothless in the film trilogy, who had become chef of Berk and seeking a dragon utopia called "The Hidden World" in order to escape from the warlords who seek control over the dragons in their mission to conquest the world and a dragon hunter, Grimmel The Grisly, all while coming to terms with Toothless' new bond with a female Light Furry.
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World was released in theatre at February 22, 2019 Wide, on disc/streaming at May 21, 2019. Its runtime is 110 minutes.

Original Opinion (Thesis)

In my opinion, How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is the best final series and really works as the final for the trilogy of the film. Despite being a fantasy, but the story is brought well with the situation in the real world, that despite lack in great strength or whatsoever, but humans are proved to be superior species on the earth by intelligence and it is needed another human to protect the dragons from another human, like what the Berkians do by protecting the secret of the dragon's existence to hide them from those who want to seize their power.
The ending of the movie is also touching for me. That is when Hiccup decided to let his dragon, Toothless and other dragon to escape to the Hidden World, separated for 10 years until the dragons return to Berk, or at least that what the short movie, How To Train Your Dragon: Homecoming try to tell if it is cannon.


How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World rating is PG (for adventure action and some mild rude humour) and acquired 91% from Tomatometer and 86% in Audience Score.


In my opinion, the cinematography is brought well, for the battle scene and the emotional moment.



Music and Sound

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World has 17 Original Soundtracks, including a bonus track, The Hidden World Suite.
In my opinion, the music isn't really bring any impact for me. Its just like the only music I can remember just How to Train Your Dragon - Main Theme that had been used since the first series. But, maybe it is just because the music that played too slow compared with the battle sound effect.
However, the sound effect produced like nature sound and the dragon voice like roar, growl, hisses, purrs, and chatters really captivating me, make me feel and believe if the dragons are just a winged reptilian version of cat and dogs. Moreover, with their behaviour that very similar like cat and dog.


*Jay Baruchel as Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
*America Ferrera as Astrid Hofferson
*Cate Blanchett as Valka
*Kit Harington as Eret
*Craig Ferguson as Gobber the Belch
*F. Murray Abraham as Grimmer the Grisley

Source Material

How to Train Your Dragon is based on the book series of the same name by Cressida Cowell, produced by Dreamworks Animation with Densu and Fuji Television and distributed by Universal Pictures.


How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is written and directed by Dean DeBlois. Dean DeBlois is a Canadian film director, film producer, screenwriter, and animator. He is know to had been written and directed several animated movies like Lilo & Stitch for Walt Disney Animation Studios and the How To Train Your Dragon film trilogy for DreamWorks Animation along with Chris Sanders, an American animation director. Film director, screenwriter, producer, illustrator and voice actor.

Writing Style

I like the writing style and the dialogue between the characters, especially conservations when Gobber gave advices for Hiccup as the new chef and when Astrid encouraged Hiccup who began to lose faith to himself to become himself and move forward.


The editing is smooth, but change real quick when it came to battle scene. For me, it isn't really bad and.


Setting for How To Train Your Dragon is taking a place of a Viking settlement and at the time of conquest with similarities like the real world event, like one of the antagonist, a general who wear a very similar Genghis Khan army armour.

Moral Value

The moral value I get from this movie I get is at least this:
When you love them, there will be a time to let them go to find their own happiness and your own, just like when Hiccup let go Toothless and other dragons to escape to the Hidden World.


For me the How to Train Your Dragon film trilogy is a series not just about the adventure of Hiccup and Toothless, but also the change they brought to the world caused by their relationship which is then shared with the Berkians and the dragons. DeBlois brought the character development of Hiccup very well, about the life journey of young boy that brought peace after wars for generation between humans and dragons until he became a chief where everyone can trusted and counted on.
Overall, I love with the character development of the characters and the emotion moment, which is I found is captivating for my heart.