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Homeschooling? Why Not?

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Homeschooling is "Underrated" Education system, especially in our country, Indonesia. There's only a few student's homeschool in Indonesia and there's only certain people who take their kids for homeschooling education system

Homeschooling is an option for various reasons, such as certain medical conditions that prevent children from attending formal schools, dissatisfaction with available educational systems, and the belief that children can't develop their interests or talents and creativity in public schools.

So, what are the advantages of homeschooling? Let's see !

  • Flexible study time

One of the advantages of homeschooling is the flexibility of study time. Parents, children, and teaching staff can discuss with each other when the right time to start learning and determine the length of time to study. In addition, parents also can choose a schedule of subjects that they want to study in one day.

  • Children can improve their talent¬†

Parents and children can determine their own topics, time, duration and learning methods that match the children's interests, abilities and learning styles. Every child has different talents , interests and the ability to process information. With homeschooling, learning methods can be more optimal to develop the talents of each child according to their wishes and abilities.

  • Parents can supervise children's society

Parents can continue to supervise the learning process and interactions of children who are homeschooling participants. That way, children can avoid promiscuity during their infancy.

  • Children have the opportunity to study outside the home

Unlike children who receive formal education in schools in general, homeschooling children have a more flexible schedule. Children who are educated by homeschooling can get knowledge by studying in museums, libraries, and in the open air.

  • Children get adequate rest

Formal school routines that require children to arrive early and sometimes come home late in the afternoon, reduce children's rest time. Children who have less sleep are likely to fall asleep in class during lessons. In contrast to homeschooling children who get longer rest time, so they can follow the lessons given properly.

What you need to pay attention to is that homeschooling is not a shortcut for children who experience problems while in school, for example academic problems or children who are victims of bullying. Before choosing homeschooling, parents and teachers must discuss together to find out the problems faced, and determine what educational methods are best for children.