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Korean Waves Become A Good Way for Diplomacy

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Korean Waves Become A Good Way for Diplomacy

Korean Wave or in Korea called hallyu wave a term used to describe the results of South Korean pop culture that was successfully exported to other countries such as in Asia, Europe and America. And in recent year, Korean waves culture has become popular which is represented by Korean music, Korean dramas, and Korean culture and don't forget that Korean idols are also be a main actor in the heart every fan k-wave in the world.

In my country,Indonesia,the Korean wave has been known since the beginning of 2000, The presence of the Korean Wave was first marked by the presence of Korean dramas that managed to captivate Indonesian audiences, the rise of Korean dramas that entered Indonesia seemed to open up new avenues for other Korean cultures to enter Indonesia.

According to data from the Korea Tourism Organization in 2008, there were 80,000 visitors from Indonesia visiting South Korea and increasing every year. In fact, in 2017 the data has reached 230,000 visitors.

This shows how much enthusiasm the Indonesian people have for South Korea, especially after the entry of the Korean Wave to Indonesia. For me it's normal, especially in the era of globalization when the development of technological sophistication and internet access is very easy and for the spread of the Korean wave virus is no longer impossible because it is supported by platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

And what cannot be forgotten is that in 2017-2018 the world seems to be attacked by viruses from the Korean wave, not only in Indonesia but other countries in the world such as participating and supporting Korean wave viruses, for example, at the closing ceremony of the Asian Games 2018 super junior boyband from SM entertainment and  ikon boyband from YG entertainment became the main actor to increase excitement after the closing ceremony of the Asian Games in Indonesia.

Aand when the led show was opened, the exo boyband with power song titles was played in the world's tallest building, burj khalifa and did not miss the closing ceremony held at the Russian dj stadium, fake love songs from BTS and power songs from EXO also celebrated at the closing ceremony and many more.

In the development of the very fast Korean wave in my country and other countries in recent years, makes me want to learn deeply and look for facts about cultural developments in Korea. I was very impressed when discussing the culture and development of the Korean wave in South Korea, for me South Korea has a unique culture because as a developed and modern country.

South Korea is still able to maintain the traditional side of the country itself.And here I also think that South Korea has a very large Korean wave of interest all over the world and this Korean wave can also be used by the South Korean government in cooperating and building unity among countries around the world.

The advantage of using Korean waves for diplomacy is very effective and efficient because the South Korean government only uses the touch of art and works of South Korean artists to introduce South Korean identity to international countries so that other countries want to try to establish good cooperation with South Korea.

And these steps can be used by the South Korean government in building diplomacy with other countries using the influence of the Korean wave.

 1.Exporting good quality Korean dramas in other countries.

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