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Is Smartphone A "God" For You?

30 Maret 2020   11:18 Diperbarui: 30 Maret 2020   11:18 30 2 0 Mohon Tunggu...
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Is Smartphone A "God" For You?
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Smartphone has changed much of our lives. We can make the relationship of the loved ones, such as parents who live far away to become "near us" via voice or video call by using smartphones.

Smartphone can be used as a tool for work and business. For example, we can write articles for our blogs, post pictures or videos about our products to be sold, and many others. 

Game online and watch unprofitable videos in YouTube? Of course, both of them are not the wise choice to make. You waste your time by doing them. It's better for you to improve your skills than doing the activities that give no benefit at all for your skills and life. 

Don't make your smartphone become a 'god' in your life. Don't be addicted with your smartphone as if you cannot live without it. Use it properly. 

In this case, I'd like to share three tips that you can do for decreasing your dependency on smartphone. 

Let's talk about it, shall we ^_^?

1. Discipline yourself not to "touch" smartphone in the morning

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Morning, it should be the brightest part in the early day. Unfortunately, most of the people spend their time to scroll and see the social media that are not important for their lives.

That's a pity to spend the morning time for such a "smartphone" time. That's unproductive and useless. There are many things that are important to do, such as pray to God to face the day which, maybe, has many difficulties on the front; exercise in order to keep the body fit; clean the bedroom, bathroom, livingroom, garden, etc; or write because early in the morning, our brains are still fresh; and so on. 

Do good habits to improve our skills rather than scrolling the smartphone screen and watching the unbenefit movies in YouTube.

2. Pray to God early in the morning and read God's Word

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Silence in the early morning is a peaceful time to face God, talk with Him in prayer, and read God's Word, are very useful and more powerful rather than clicking or scrolling smartphone screen to see social media or others.

Sometimes, I don't understand why most of the people do such kind of habits that are unproductive. Instant rewards? Yeah, maybe that's right, but it doesn't exist too long. 

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