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"Zuper Bird? That's Impossible!"

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"Zuper Bird? That's Impossible!"
ilustrasi : dokpri

When I saw the title of this book, it seemed that this book contained of many tweets like the other books did.

"What are the special things from this book? National best seller? Most authors claimed that their books are national best selling books."

That was the first impression that I had in my mind.

But, when I saw the testimonies of wellknown people such as Andrie Wongso, Bong Chandra, Tung Desem Waringin, I changed my mind.

"This book is special."

But it didn't push me to buy the book as soon as possible.

I read the book first at the bookstore, especially the introduction, chapter one, and two.

Is the book worthy to be bought?

I thought like that because sometimes, the authors use bombastics titles in order to attract the readers to buy their books.

But when the readers read their books, the realities are not the same with the titles.

I felt dissapointed when I bought some books and most of them were out of my expectation.

So, I was careful before buying even a single book.

I don't want to have books that are useless and never be read on my bookshelves.

After spending one till two days, I thought this book was deserved to be read and owned.

I bought it, although it was quite expensive for me, but it was okay if I wanted to compare with the insight and knowledge from this book.

I enjoyed reading this book. The author, @MotivaTweet, wrote it with some jokes and clear descriptions about his book (I assumed @MotivaTweet is a man ^_^).

After finishing reading this book, Kicauan Si Burung Zuper or The Tweets of Zuper Bird, I concluded that there were three points that I could take, especially the author repeat again at the end chapters of the book.

Let us discuss one by one ^_^.

First, Dream Big

You want a better life in one, two, five or ten years from now?

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