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Cultural Value

6 September 2022   12:58 Diperbarui: 6 September 2022   13:22 127 3 1
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A wonderful interview with my dad couple days ago about culture value according to my dad's culture which is Mollucan, and also talk about which culture that he will pass to his children one day.i chose this topic because based on Smovar's book  "Communication does much more than help gather information and meet your interpersonal needs. 

It is crucial in establishing your personal identity, since you are born into this world without a sense of self" (smovar, 2015:27). 

I think it is very suitable with this context because when communicate with my dad and mom I can found my identity based on my culture and I can recognize my culture that I never get in the school, 

by this interview I realize that family have important role in every single human in this world, because when we were born in this world, we are nothing and don't have any information about our personal identity and culture. The interview go around 30-50 minutes and I felt so glad because I can interview my dad directly even though just by phone cellular, it caused my dad in working place. 

I have two questions for my dad, the first one is as a man who has Mollucan culture what he got when he still a baby until he become an adult? Then, the second is what culture that he will pass to his children one day? For the answers of number one is quite long, but for number two is very short and simple.  

The number one my dad divides into three category which are baby, teenagers, adult. 

He said when he was a baby my grandma and grandpa protect him verry well, also at some moment my grandma and grandpa sang a traditional and spiritual song, and I think it was a general method for every parents. 

Then, my dad said when he was a teenager, he got a lot of positive and negative advice just to be known as a knowledge, and then the next statement is so unique because this is a culture of Mollucan which is my dad at the Certain moment he got angry and punished but the difference with the others is my dad was beaten with a belt, and it was normal for culture of Mollucan because our culture is very hard and firm.

Also, my dad was taught to be independent, much have a love for the others, respect to older people, talk about the truth, rely to God and the most important is fear of God.

Then, my dad said when he already become an adult, he is always asked an opinion by my grandma and grandpa if there is a problem which is internal problem, and my dad got a free will to choose anything in his life to be undergo but have to responsibility such as academic, job, married). 

And the number two my dad just said that the culture that he will pass to his three children is the three category that he already got when he still was a baby until become adult.

Larry A. Samovar, R. E. (2017). commuincation Between cultures. Canada: Cengage Learning.

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