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The Review of "Tormented" Movie

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The title of this movie is Tormented. Tormented is adopted from Virginia Woolf's Novel entitled The Mark on The Wall. Director of this movie is Abdul MH Faiz. The main characters are Marwah as Diana, Reva Alfi T. as Dianto, Lilik Untari as Diana's mother. The genre of this movie is Drama. The setting is in Ngargoyoso, Karanganyar, Central Java. 

This movie begins when Diana and Dianto get married, then Dianto limited his wife to do something. Diana loves book so much, every day she spends her time for reading those books/novels. After married, she is just a housewife. The plot absolutely arouse curiousity. 

In romantic scene, there some parts which are less chemistry. One of them is when Diana helps her husband to wear the cloth. The acting is less natural when Diana feels scared in the middle of forest. Actually a whole soundtrack is not bad, but there is a part that the sound does not support one moment in the scene 23:27. Not only those, the shooting process is unstable in the scene when Diana and Dianto moved to a new house so it makes less perfect of the movie. Then, there is a part that a subtitle doesn't appear in the scene 17:17. The weird one is in the scene 17:11 the sound effect of the shoes is unnatural. When Diana is conscious of fainting, the makeup used is less natural. Beside those the costume suits with all the scenes, especially in wedding scene. The dark colour in the scene 21:20 makes the scene seems realistic. The place for shooting supports the plot in this film, especially in the middle of forest. 

This film has such unpredictable ending so that makes you very curious about what is not explained in the film. The rating of this film is 70 from 100, we recommend if you like the genre of this movie but do not expect more.

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