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The Effects of Good Writing Skills for Students' Future Career

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The Effects of Good Writing Skills for Students' Future Career

Writing skills is very important for students because it will be useful in the future career. In the elementary school, students have taught how to write simple essays; for example describing their family, friends, school, etc. in the junior high school, students already started to learn some tenses, such as simple present, simple past, simple future, present continuous, past continuous, and soon. In the senior high school, students already begun to use the tenses. However, in the university students have begun to write well because students know if good writing skills have very important effects for their future career; there are many effects of good writing skills, such as to be innovative, famous, and get a job easily.

Good writing skills makes the students to be innovative, because students should improve their knowledge. Students try to write differently than before, so that their writing is not monotonous. Moreover, students always hard thinking to make sure the writing is good, so the writing is not obtained from plagiarism in the internet. Indirectly, good writing sharpens our brain to make us innovative; for example, we write words by words to be good sentences so that it becomes good writing. If the students are to be innovative, it makes students easily to work in team or make something that differently than before. In the future, someone sure recommend you to work in their company if you're innovative.

On the other hand, good writing will make us to be famous. There are a lot of essays that students made, so people sure read their essays. Furthermore, the essays is good because the sentences are complete, innovative, and creative so that people interested to read it. Maybe, if a magazine interested to your good writing skills, they will use your services or posted your writing in their magazine and you're to be famous because there are many people read your good writing in that magazine.

The last, you will get a job easily because your writing is good. The company sure have read your CV and know if you're innovative and your good writing skills already posted in a magazine. Therefore, it will become your plus point and you will most likely be accepted at the company.

Those are some effects of good writing skills on students' future career, such as innovative, famous, and get a job easily. If you always write, try to good writing; make sure your writing is innovative too and your writing is famous. Therefore, good writing skills is very important for students' future career, do your best when you are writing.