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How To Use Canva?

30 November 2022   17:10 Diperbarui: 30 November 2022   17:14 117
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Kompasiana adalah platform blog. Konten ini menjadi tanggung jawab bloger dan tidak mewakili pandangan redaksi Kompas.

The material taught is how to use Canva for content needs.

   Visual content is an important part of your representation in cyberspace, be it a website, blog or social media account.  With an attractive design, the audience will be more interested in your content.  Fortunately, there is a tool for easy and free design creation, namely Canva.

   What is Canva?

   The Canva app is a tool for creating a variety of attractive designs.  Great for posters, banners, invitations and more.

   Usually every time we create content, we have an idea to create content by imagining who would be interested in the content we create?  For example, Jedagjedug is currently going viral and many young people are interested in Jedagjedug.

   Even though we don't like Jedagjedug, our market is mostly young people.  We don't want to follow the trend.
   In using Canva, we must have a purpose.
   1. Emotional effect
   2. Market temperature
   3. Who (Person)

   1. Size
   2. Distance
   3. Composition
   4. Letters
   5. Color and contrast

   The material this time is very useful for students and Unkm in carrying out their duties, being able to use Canva quickly and easily.

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