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Support Children Education

24 Januari 2011   03:06 Diperbarui: 26 Juni 2015   09:15 288 0 3 Mohon Tunggu...

Indonesia is one of the developing countries in the world where the birth rate is increasing significantly. Indonesia facing a problem to manage the increasing number of the newborn while the government program known as Keluarga Berencana does not work properly. In fact, majority a family has four to six children's with a short distance between one another. The number of children in a family eventually would affect to the family economy, breadwinner has to earn enough money to manage the family. Food, entertainment, education, and all the primary family expenses need to be covered.

Numbers of uneducated children in Indonesia is huge and the main reason why this happened is money, parents do not have budget to place them in school. This is the reality that needs to be solved by the government with no excuse. Children are Indonesia future!

Therefore, Indonesia has to take this case seriously and if this still on until next year or year after, no doubt Indonesia would not have the next leader! Children are the leader for tomorrow, children will rule the world when their grow up later. Children should be educated!

Indonesia has to put more energy in this problem, Indonesia cannot be like this. Give more attention for the children; give them hope to be in school. Children need to be competence to compete with other children outside the country, children are the president for tomorrow, and children are the engineers who will build a rocket to the moon. Government has to think in how to safe Indonesian children.

As an Indonesian, I care about the Indonesian children. I cried when I see the media showed the numbers of Indonesian children that cannot go to school, it was a pathetic moment for me.

We need to help, we need to look at them, we need to educate them to be educated in addition to lead their own life, to lead their family, to lead Indonesia in next 20 years.

Be Noticed! The children who cannot go to school is still around the neighbour, open eyes to see them, open heart and give hands to help them, realize that we can help them. Impossible is nothing, as a part of the community we can start to make a movement supporting children education.

Nowadays, The National Education Department has increases the quality of national schools in Indonesia. It's a good call but what happens next is the price going higher. Did they think when the price is going higher then it will affected the number of interest? Interest will change either high or down somehow, then when the interest go down, where the children supposed to go for school? They do not have money to afford the education. It is obvious that quality is important but please be more concerned about the education cost as well.

Government has to attract more children go to school; create the affordable price for the national education from primary school until university without decrease the quality. In fact Mr. President has a cabinet with nice education background, could you tweak this case and find the good solutions with your ministers? Mr. President and his ministers drive fancy car living in large house while Indonesia still have people who cannot afford a place to stay. They cold in rain, hungry, and eventually they do not have future.

Hi Mr. President, would you mind for not complaining about your salary and please do not try to cover it as a joke because is not funny anymore! People in the parliament, would you mind for not making any ridiculous statement that can be considered as supporting the change of president remuneration!

I realize it's complicated but we need to act, support the children for good education.