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Dion Ginanto received his undergraduate degree in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) from Jambi University. He was awarded “MAWAPRESNAS” (the best student award by the Ministry of Education and Culture) in 2006. He was also an AIYEP-er 2007/2008 (Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program). In 2009, he joined to the short course training of the KAPLAN TKT program in New Zealand. Currently, he is doing his master at Michigan State University (MA, K-12 Educational Administration). He has published his first book entitled: “Jadi Pendidik Kreatif dan Inspiratif: Cara Mengobati 10 Penyakit Profesional. He works at SMA N 1 Batanghari, Jambi, as a teacher.




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Awal tahun ini saya yakin banyak sekali sponsor beasiswa yang membuka peluang beasiswa. Salah satu syarat yang digunakan untuk melamar beasiswa adalah Essay Beasiswa. di bawah ini adalah contoh essay yang satu tahun yang lalu telah mengantarkan saya belajar di Michigan State Universty, USA; dari beasiswa PRESTASI-USAID. Semoga para pembaca sekalian dapat sedikit terbantu dengan essay beasiswa saya ini ya. Meski banyak grammar errors tapi kelihatannya ini yang membuat essay beasiswanya lebih kelihatan natural.

When I was child, my mom told me about her ideal she could not afford. She told me that she really wanted to be a teacher. But, In Indonesia at that time, education is the second priority for women, what the people thought was that the women no need to study highly, because they finally married and will work at their husband’s kitchen. And yes, my mom finally stopped her study at the very early time (Junior High School) because my dad engaged her to marry. Then, my mom told me that one day I must become a very professional teacher to continue her ideal.

During that time, I promise myself to make my mom’s dream comes true. I study hard, and I took Education faculty at university. My mom was very happy and proud of me knowing that I was the best graduate from my faculty. Not only that, after finishing my study I become a real teacher (government teacher/ civil servant). I am now happy because I can make my mom dream becomes reality.

But when I teach my student, I found my self need to deepen the teaching knowledge, more than I do right now. Even though when I was student at university I often become a member or committee in many education seminars, I also participated in youth exchange held by Indonesian and Australian government, where one of the program was internship at two Australian schools; beside that, I also participated at Teacher Training held by Local Government ofJambi and Cambridge University/KAPLAN, this program ran in New Zealand, and fifteen teacher from Jambi were trained in western teaching style; but I think I need to study and gain more knowledge. What I feel right now is that the more I study the more I feel thirsty of knowledge. The Scholarship from USAID and AED brings me a fresh air to gain much knowledge I need.

Besides teaching, I really want to be a future leader. At the moment my friends and I build an NGO focus on social and education area. We named it “Batanghari Foundation”, Batanghari is the name of the longest river in Sumatera which is located in Jambi. Some programs have been running smoothly, such as training motivation for college students, outbound for students, and publishing some articles at newspapers. We will also held an International seminar on education soon.

I have two targets in my life; they are short-term target and long-term target. For short-term target, I want to publish my own book and to achieve master program of education field from outside especially from America, and of course to be a professional English teacher. While, for my long-term target, After finishing my study (coming back to Indonesia), I really want to be a leader; leader for myself and for people, that’s why become a head master or even the head of local education departmentis written in my own planning diary. Besides that, I also want to empower the local society of Jambi to be a good entrepreneurs and good leaders by setting up the educational institution for example Entrepreneurs and Leadership University, of course this program will be run together with my friends. I do believe I can do it, with additional knowledge I got from abroad. I commit my life to helping others and to advancing society's level of understanding.

Dion Eprijum Ginanto