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Interesting Way to Make Your Child Into The Habit of Reading

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An important first step for children to acquire early literacy skills that can shape academic achievement is children's interest in reading. Reading books throughout history has always been an important part of human civilization as it is an important predictor of long-term academic success among children. In addition to adding insight, by reading we can also train thinking skills and therefore it is important to learn. 

Along with the development of modern technology, reading materials have also been available in various new forms such as audio or digital books. Today, reading is still a powerful tool for learning; without a doubt, it is an essential element in education systems around the world. By reading, children can open horizons and increase knowledge.

Early childhood is a creature that is in the stage of growth and development. In this phase, they are more inclined to learn by imitating others. They imitate anyone in their environment. So it is very important for parents to provide examples of positive ways of thinking and behaving. Including in terms of reading habits, parents as role models should set a good example for children.

Research has shown that parent-child book reading improves children's reading skills. Meanwhile, parent-child discussion about books has a positive effect on children's academic performance. 

The role of parents is also very crucial in developing children's interest in reading because healthy reading activities can help them develop critical thinking and analytical skills.

 It can also be able to expand their vocabulary. As a result, the children showed improvement in their overall academic performance. That recommended that parents play an active role in developing attitudes towards reading by providing reading materials and creating a reading-friendly environment at home.

If you use the right strategy, it is not difficult to implement the reading culture. Several efforts may be implemented through the family environment, including:

Instilling the Mindset that Reading is a Fun Activity.

Start with light reading books first, such as reading stories or comics because children usually like pictures. When the child slowly begins to like his routine in reading, try to replace it with a reading book that lacks pictures.

When all the processes, are already implemented meanwhile the child is still reluctant to read, don't force it. Parents must be consistent on the principle that reading is a fun activity, so there is no compulsion.

Include Visual Forms.

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