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Phootoshoot Of Various Food Products From Smoked Beef "Dapur Pedak"

30 November 2022   13:35 Diperbarui: 30 November 2022   13:42 93
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5th semester students of the communication are carrying out their duties regarding digital marketing with the UMKM, at this meeting the same as usual, namely taking a product photo shoot, but this time the food product is more varied but the main ingredient is still smoked beef. This time, there are beef sei fried noodles, beef sei spaghetti, beef sei subway and vegetable salad with beef sei. the photo shoot was carried out in Brixcouvee again because to balance the distance between the mothers and us students, not because that alone was a comfortable place. before shooting food, we do a little plating to make it more interesting.

while doing a very exciting photo shoot, we were also assisted by UAD students who were also doing internships at BUMN houses (Ruby). even though it's a little draining it doesn't matter, we can even do the number of times the video tag is because we often laugh. after taking a photo shoot, we ate together there, the food made by the owner was very delicious and it was really cool to be able to learn from each other and share knowledge about digital marketing with other friends.

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