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Innovation Nation: Yes, I Can

29 Februari 2012   11:13 Diperbarui: 25 Juni 2015   08:44 60 0 1 Mohon Tunggu...

How many of you are feeling confidence in doing things? Please ask to your peers, your sub-ordinates etc. And how do you experience it? Its how do our people in our nation seeing themselves. I did asked to 10 people consist of peers, sub-ordinate, and people around me in the neighborhood. 8 of 10 are not confidence. It can be because they never done it before, or they don’t see the value of doing those things or else.

And this nation truly need a great leader, because good is not enough anymore. Indonesia has been experiencing ruled by Dutch for 350 years it brought this nation is a little bit under-esteem about them. We had been so proud of with our founding father; Soekarno, and this nation ever been acknowledged during Soeharto, not only in the region, but in the world. Many innovation that has been shown both Soekarno and Soeharto, from Monas, Hotel Indonesia, Senayan, even we are the 1st developing country who operated domestic satellite, N-250 first turboprop 50-70 seat aircraft that prototype with fly by wire technology. And don’t you know that today’s aircraft is using FFCC (Forward Facing Crew Cockpit) both narrow body or wide body which operated by two crew (pilot and co-pilot) was innovated by Wiweko Soepomo; former Garuda Indonesia director. Again it is innovation with the culture of Yes, I Can. And many other great story about Indonesian, about the people of Indonesia. So why should we Can’t ? Sure I can, Sure we can.

If we can, If I can, If they can, then we can innovate, and we can proud of it; it starts from me, you, and they to show to the world Indonesia is a nation with full of inspiration, a nation with growth through innovation because the people always confidence enough to say Yes-I Can. Indonesian has full of its potential, land, sea, natural resources, people, economic growth, strong middle class, a lot of things we have inside us. We don’t need any leader, but we need a leadership within. One sentence I want to remind you again ~Enough of Us for Long Enough~

Now it is time to go home… and stuck in innovation traffic. Yes, I can go home.